Saturday, October 22, 2016

Doe a Deer...

Well, now that I'm done my hot dog, and I've scrubbed my face till it's as clean as soap, and as smooth as coconut oil can make it... I'm ready to blog.

Today was great! I slept in!!! We had ZERO plans, on account of plans being cancelled... So I thought I'd be painting the room we are renovating in the basement today. Turned out Eve was going to do that while I did something 10x better...

Earlier this week Mom said that she wanted to do some "deer" makeup on one of us kids. Of course I volunteered! I hadn't seen the tutorial she was following until this morning, so I had no idea how good it really looked! I mean, when someone says they made themselves look like a deer, what does it make you think? So until I had seen the tutorial I was still kinda "mmf" about it. And then I saw the real thing...The tutorial was so mind-changing!! It was GORGEOUS!! And might I say, Mom did a great imitation! So, I came into the living-room at around 2:00, and Mom had started Lily's face already. Lily's shirt was in the dryer, and I was all excited for our pictures together! (Turns out we only took like, ten of both of us together, because Lily was too cold to keep her mouth closed)

(This was one of the best ones) 😂

So, anyway! When I entered the living room Lily was whimpering and Mom was almost done her masterpiece. Lily was not happy with all the sitting still for so long, but it was totally worth it! Then, when Mom was done, she sent Lily off and warned her not to mess up her face. Please! Then it was my turn. My turn was honestly faster. Way faster. It was because Mom had done all of it already so she totally knew what she was doing. When I was done Mom did Lily's hair, and then mine. We got dressed, and Mom touched up our makeup. And off we went into the nice warm car to get to the gorgeous road Mom and Dad drove on this week! 
And then it was picture time...

After I saw this one, I said I looked like some evil queen...

Mom told me that I stuck my head out of the twigs just like a deer, all curious and cautious at the same time. Yes! I think it might've helped that I was imagining I was a deer. 

Most of these were in different locations all on the same road, so the couple of seconds in between driving was all the warmth I got. And let me tell you IT WAS COLD!!!! But the sour keys were worth it...😜 
I hope you all enjoy reading about our little adventure! I'm going looking on Pinterest for another one soon! 

This was super fun, and I can't wait to do it again! 
Mom asked me if I could "smize", and so when I tried, I smiled a little... So I guess I can't "smize"...

I'll blog again soon, guys!!! 🤗
Until next time,


  1. Deer me! Lovelovelove this idea! Such sweet and precious models too.

  2. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! Great job on the makeup and stunning photos!


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