Tuesday, March 29, 2016

There's Always Something to Be Thankful For (On Monday... or Tuesday...)

(I started this blog post on Monday night but am finishing it while I cook dinner on Tuesday)

Laying here in my bed on Monday night and I honestly don't even know where to begin. I'm also texting with my sister at the same time, so I guess I'll start there...

I am so thankful that I have a sister. Someone who remembers my memories better than I do. The first person I call (after Scott of course!) with news. Maybe before Scott depending on what the news is... And one of the handful of people who has always been there for me and I know I can always depend on. Love her to death.
(an oldie but a goodie!)

I'm thankful that Lily has been such an easy student to teach kindergarten to. Three hours ago I told the kids that I was done parenting, "Play quietly or go to bed." My brain hurt. Keona was at work and I had to do all of the Algebra lessons and corrections with the grade 9's. Not my forte... but we survived and solved all of the equations after several hours. Then onto the final summary before a biology exam. It was a long school day. But Lily has been a breeze. This has been one of the busiest years of homeschooling, which is why I was nervous about starting kindergarten with a 4 year old... She has been practicing reading her words with blends (last, next, etc.) for a few weeks now and just started spelling them by herself this week. I gave her a quick test where I would call out words for her to spell and she would try to spell them by herself before I would show her any corrections. I figured she might have a hard time with the newer words- nope! She finished and proclaimed, "This was an easy paper! Those were easy words!" To which I am incredibly thankful because kindergarten has been my least favourite to teach in the past- but she is making it almost enjoyable.
She's all business when it comes to her timed reading drills. The first kid I've had ask to try again when she doesn't think she did it fast enough!

I'm thankful for this guy...

And I'm thankful for surprise gifts that he brings me home. 
(He saw these frames and thought of me)

A long time ago, I told him not to buy me flowers anymore. I figure they're a waste of money because they just die. So he started buying me plants. Unfortunately, I kill those too. So it's been a while since he bought me anything that I have to keep alive. Well a few weeks ago he brought me home a mini rose bush. Two days later it was already wilting and all of the blooms had died, (As suspected!) I was determined to keep it alive so I transplanted it to a bigger pot, put it in full sun, and have remembered to water it consistently (so far), and I have new blooms! Hooray! I'm just trying to keep it alive long enough to get it in to the garden. They always seem to do well there.

On our 16th anniversary this month, I stopped at the grocery store with the 5 youngest and bought his favourite snacks for out at-home anniversary date. Little did I know that he was going to stop at the store on his way home from work and buy all of my favourite snacks. Neither of us knew what the other had done until that evening.

You know what they say, "Great minds think alike!"
Or like my grandpa would say when my grandma quoted that...
"Yeah, and two fools never differ!"

We're trying our hand at gardening this year. So far we've got 100+ baby plants. The cauliflower didn't make it...

I'm also thankful for MY slippers. They have kept MY feet warm all winter. I have worn them everyday and just recently retired them to my closet because the weather has warmed up a bit. Well last night Keona came waltzing downstairs in MY slippers. I asked what she was doing wearing them and she had the nerve to proclaim that they were given to her as a gift last Christmas. She claims that I stole them and she was just taking back what was rightfully hers. I told her to take them off. She once again argued that they were hers because her aunt bought them for her. I told her to take them off and informed her that there is an unwritten rule that if something is borrowed and then used by said person for months at a time, without being asked for it to be returned, it becomes theirs by default. "Just ask Aunty Sarah... " I said. She huffed and took them off. 
I win! :) 
So yes- I'm thankful for MY slippers. 

Lastly, I'm thankful for spring. Even if we did just have an ice storm and I did just spend 30 minutes scraping off my van a few days ago. I love the promise of spring. The kids went out to play after school today and came back in to tell me that we have a "pond" in the backyard. I was thinking they found a muddy puddle to jump in...

Nope... we've got a mini pond. You can't tell in this picture but it's 20x20 and up to their knees in some spots. 

And nature... Jeddy is like me. He can't just "look" he has to touch everything! 

He found a way to trap birds (without hurting them!) and pet them before setting them free.

Now that student convention is over, March break is done, a wedding that I was photographing and Scott was a best man in is passed... I have no more excuses for not blogging. Hope everyone's having a great week.
Just cause she's cute...

Find something to be thankful for!


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