Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Photos You Didn't See...

We kinda live in a world now where everyone shares everything. Or at least it seems as though everyone shares everything. While in reality, everyone is very selective and careful to only show exactly what they want people to see. I am completely guilty of this as well. Every once in a while I may take a cute picture of one of my kids and share it on Instagram right away. Most of the time however, I take several shots, choose the best one, and that's all people ever see.

I wanted to start doing a "Wordless Wednesday" again, but thought I'd start out with this.

So... here are a few of the pictures you didn't see.

Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen this adorable shot of Lily in the hat, gloves, and boot cuffs that I made her...

Well, this is the shot from a few minutes prior...

She was "too cold" and didn't want to be outside. I offered her a cookie if she co-operated.

I actually did post this one on Instagram. Sadly, Addy refused to lay down for my annual New Year's Day photo. I gave up trying. I kept this one to show her when she's a teenager.

And this one...
Adorbs! Right???
(I may have watched one too many Barbie episodes...)

Except that this was the reality of sitting in a van with a 1 year old while her older siblings visited and sang in a nursing home for an hour.

After this shot I made faces at her in the rear view mirror until she laughed.

The time my 4 year old wanted to make funny faces but I had no makeup on and hadn't done my hair...

Or when we tried to get 10 kids to look civilized in a picture with their aunt.

There were at least 4 adults standing behind the camera. Elijah was standing awkwardly off to the side so I told him to put his arm around his sister. But he didn't want to touch her... Pretty sure Meg had just threatened Carson. Addy ripped her headband off for the 1,478th time a split second later... But I love it all.
It isn't perfect and yet it's perfectly us at the same time.

I'd take some pictures of my laundry room, but I don't want to traumatize anyone.

Nobody's life looks like their Instagram account 100% of the time.
It's such a small portion of our real life that is shared.

Sometimes life is picturesque...

Like when my 13 year old makes heavenly cupcakes.

Or homemade bagels..

I really like bread. And cupcakes...

Hence the "after exercise" photo.
This is reality.
I was ready to pass out and my entire body aches.

But it's totally worth it to enjoy the cupcakes...

Rain agrees with me.

I promise that my next Wednesday will be wordless.

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