Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome, Baby Rain!

This all started over a month ago when a co-worker of Scott's told him that there was a Great Dane in the animal shelter near us. We know that can be a common occurrence as people don't realize how big and clumsy these adorable little puppies will become. Or how much they will need to eat! We still had a crate that belonged to the shelter from bringing Theo home so we figured that we'd just go "check it out" when we returned the crate. Both of us hated the thought of a gentle giant like Justus being in a shelter...

So we drove down there only to find out that she had already been adopted. While we were happy for her, we were both slightly disappointed as we had started to like the idea of having a second Dane.

So I decided to keep my eye out and watch a few different websites just in case anything came up. Within a week or so, we found this little beauty who was the last one left from the litter of 7 and needed a home.

The kids were ecstatic and so were we! Scott has said that he will always have to own a Great Dane after having Justus.

Rain came home with us yesterday and after greeting all of the kids she climbed into Justus' bed and fell asleep curled up in the middle. Justus just stood there and stared at her like "Now what?" and laid down on the kitchen floor. We promptly ran back out to grab a second bed. 

She still likes to try and cuddle with him, but he isn't so sure. When she starts barking to play- he runs away! Today he jumped up on the couch to try and get away from her!

Theo is also unsure, usually watching from a table or somewhere else out of reach. They've had a few scuffles today. They may be the same height, but Rain already weighs 3x his weight at 15.5 lbs!

She's adored by all.

We'll keep giving Justus and Theo extra attention and treats until they adjust. Can't wait to see what adventures they have as she gets bigger! 

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  1. Puppy Rain is so much bigger than my beagle, haha! They now have a brother and sister. Sweet love flows from your hearts and home


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