Monday, January 25, 2016

Our 2016 Reading List

My oldest five are all readers. Half of my Christmas shopping list was books. 
No joke. 
I spent a small fortune at Chapters.

 Keona was telling me the other day how she remembers when she was little that I'd always tell her to "go read a book". 

Go read a book.

Watching more than half an hour of TV?
Go read a book.

Been playing game boy for too long?
Go read a book.

I honestly didn't even remember saying that, but I think it's probably because now I have to tell them to put the books down!

I used to be a big reader too. I would stay up late on school nights (telling my mom - 'just one more chapter') to finish my latest book so I could lend it to my friend the next day. Once I had Keona and the triplets, my bible and the odd how-to book was pretty much the extent of my reading. 

Three years ago, Keona wanted to read the Hunger Game series and I wasn't sure about it so I told her that I wanted to read it first. She looked at me like "yeah, right..." and I never really seemed to get around to it. So when Scott and I went on vacation we were browsing the airport bookstore and I saw the first Hunger Games book. I grabbed it and read it while we waited for our flight, and then continued reading it while sitting on the beach all week. I forgot how much I loved reading a good book! 

Once I came back I went and bought the next two books in the series and finished them pretty quickly. Well, not according to my girls... But pretty quickly for a mom with 8 kids who can't just sit and read all weekend.

So Keona and I decided to make up a reading list for 2016 after seeing a similar idea on Pinterest and I'm pretty excited about it! Here it is:
 click for printable
Click to enlarge or print!

Here's what we're currently reading...
Checking off biography from the list! 
Recommended by "The Lazy Perfectionist"

Keona is re-reading a favourite to kick-off 2016. She likes to read her favourites over and over again. While I can only read a book or watch a movie once. (It drives Scott and Keona insane!)

Side note: I realize that I'm not a teenager, but I do tend to read (and enjoy!) young adult books. So if you follow along with our reading list- there will probably be some young adult fiction on there! :) 

It's more fun for me and the girls when we can talk about what we've read with each other. It's been some great bonding time for us. Some of their books however, particularily sci-fi ones... I can't force myself to get into. Keona's looking forward to recommending a book for me that I've refused to read so far because I'm 99.9% positive that I won't be able to make it through. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to force her to read.

Jeddy and Ella are starting to learn that reading can be enjoyable on your own. I still have to enforce quiet reading time with them. Addy on the other hand, is always chasing someone around with a book!

They do however like to write. I love the littles notes that they leave laying out for me...

See- my little charmer...

And if you come over for dinner, be prepared for some "smelly chicken"! Haha... 

Happy Monday! 

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