Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crazy Cats That Attack People

So the re-introduction post is still in the making. I planned to finish it today but then I spent 5 hours driving around forgetting bunny rabbits at home and not picking up job applications. Or something like that... 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may know that we got a kitten about two months ago. His main purpose was to be a mouser since our other cat is the equivalent of about 112 years old and just mopes around the basement all day. 
He was super thrilled with the idea...

Scott and I went to the humane society and walked into a room filled with kittens! There were several running around and one of them kept climbing cages, jumping off of things, and attacking Scott's shoe laces. 

After a few minutes I looked at Scott and said, "I want that one!" 

Scott tried to convince me that he was crazy and I didn't really want the crazy one. But I did. I insisted that I like the crazy ones. So I scooped him up and we brought him home to surprise the kids. 

We named him "Theo"

The kids were obviously thrilled and Jeddy was extra excited. He decided that he was going to train him to become a "ninja cat". And so they have a sparring match every morning. Every morning... The kitten jumps Jeddy and tries to tackle him. He hides around the corner and sneaks up on Jeddy. It's adorable. Unfortunately, (as we warned Jeddy would happen) he has now started trying to attack play with other people the same way. 

The other morning he jumped up on the couch beside me and put his ears back. I could tell what he was thinking... I looked at him and said, "Don't even think about it!" And he tore off across the room and up my curtains.

He's a pro at climbing my curtains

Sadly, Lily gets the worst of it. He likes to go after her when no one else is around. We'll all be sitting in the school room and when Lily goes to get a drink of water Theo will casually follow her out of the room. A few seconds later we hear her scream and yell, "No Theo! No!" Of course Jeddy thinks it's hilarious so he encourages it and continues to "train the cat" in all things ninja. 

Hopefully this means he'll actually catch a mouse at some point.

Tonight we heard Lily scream from the other room and Scott looked at me and said, "Theo?" 

She yells, "No, Theo! Stay!!! NO!!!"

Then she comes running into the living room full speed and says, 
"Why did we have to get such a crazy cat?! I don't like crazy cats that attack people!"

I'm not quite sure why he likes to pick on Lily so much. Thankfully he does understand to keep his claws in when playing. He jumps Addy all the time too but she never has any scratches. She just laughs and chases him. 
I'm not going to lie... I laugh too. Every single time. 

They do have a truce every once in a while...

I reassure her that he will get old and lazy like Flare in the basement, but in the mean time- gotta love a crazy kitten.

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