Tuesday, December 15, 2015

11 Days!

Today's post is brought to you by me- Keona. I'm not really big on blogging and this is the first I've written in a long time so... here we go!

Eleven days until Christmas!

Today was my first official day of Christmas break. (Everyone else started on Friday.) And I spent most of the morning Skyping and then texting my friend in Indonesia. (Shout out to Maddy!) We watched Master Chef Junior in the afternoon and then Mom fell asleep. As always, that's like a free ticket to play video games so the triplets took over the Wii while the rest of us played Minecraft. I eventually ended up joining the triplets for a Doctor Mario tournament. I beat them all- badly- except for Prayer. She and I are pretty much even. We're planning on playing again later to decide who's really the best. (It will be me....) 

We had to make dinner early because the triplets, Mom, and I were planning on going to the mall as soon as Dad got home. We made steak stir-fry on rice. (This is currently a family favorite. Most of us really like it.) Charity and Mom and I were in the kitchen while Eve and Prayer were upstairs getting ready to leave. I was peeling and slicing carrots when I decided it might be interesting to see how Mom reacted to getting a piece of carrot thrown at her, Somehow, that escalated into a food fight between the two of us. Although, Mom cheated by throwing things that weren't food (i.e, miniature play-dough jars. She missed.) If winners were chosen for food fights, it would undoubtedly have been me because Mom missed more throws and I hit her in the nose with a kidney bean that exploded on contact.... It was priceless. 

Anyways, after all of that, we ate dinner and got ready to go Christmas shopping. We left as soon as Dad got home. It was a fun trip. This year, I'm supposed to be buying Dad's gifts. He's hard to shop for and this is the third year in a row that I've had to buy for him! Thankfully, he gave me a few more ideas than usual and I found some fun things that I think he'll like. I'm not going to say anything more about what we bought or where we went but I'm sure you'll hear all about it after Christmas! On our way out, we grabbed drinks at Starbucks (a huge treat for all of us) to drink on the way home. Mom always gets a caramel macchiato and Eve didn't know what she wanted so she agreed to try the same thing. She claims that she asked whether or not the macchiato has coffee in it but none of us heard her. Yes, Eve- there is coffee in a macchiato. Poor Eve didn't enjoy her drink as much as the rest of us.... On the way home we had the unique privilege of listening to the triples sing Frozen songs at the top of their lungs. Charity does a very good imitation of Hans in Love Is an Open Door and Prayer is an exceptional Olaf....

Meanwhile, at home, Dad created an advent for himself, Ella, Lily, Addy, and the boys. (Except that Addy went to bed and isn't really old enough to enjoy many of the advents yet)
Here's a picture:

So while we were all shopping at the mall, the others were at home playing video games until after ten o'clock. A fun night all around!

Barbie didn't do anything today because Eve and Prayer are lazy.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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