Monday, December 14, 2015

The Rest of 15, 14, 13, and 12 days Until Christmas!

 This is a catch up post written by Prayer...
It was an average Friday. Okay, almost.
Mom took Ella, Lily, Jeddy, and Elijah Christmas shopping. While us girls stayed home with Addy.
Addy napped the entire time, and we girls just chilled. 

At dinner we had homemade chicken noodle soup.
We have a huge dining room table.

 I had to use this picture because everyone is looking in it. Except Addy. Look at her!
Next time we are closing the curtains, so you can't see our dirty window...which Mom just said that I was going to clean after I blog...:(
Now for advents.

 15...and 14.

15 we didn't do an advent, as Charity said last post. We did do a card though.
We hunted for the cards and Ella and Jed found them. 

15 was boring, but the rhyme was worse...*giggles*

See? It's a sad poem.:P
Now for 14, this one is my opinion.

Yellow and blue? MINIONS!!!!!! I was sure we were doing this soon, but I wasn't sure when. 
The advent was minions. We watched the movie I've been dying to see since it came out.
Then we went to bed. 
There was actually a Barbie on the shelf in the morning.
Me and Eve have been a little lazy forgetful, but we did manage this time.

Ella and Lily came down and saw Barbie near the phone. Barbie was naughty today!
She took about 15 selfies on their phone. 

Now for Saturday's advent.

I found it again! Yay!!!!!

So, we didn't play Taboo. We played phase ten!

You'll never guess who won... Jeddy!! I know. I was shocked as well. This child was amazing at Phase Ten. 
I came in last...

The next day was Sunday!
Sunday Dad's work had a Christmas party. We had fun!
Ella, Lily, and Jed got their faces painted. Lily and Jed became Grinches. 

There was a Petting zoo, and since Mom saw this petting zoo she has been going on and on about the giant bunny that was there. The second biggest type of bunny in the world. Charity and Lily got to pet a kangaroo. Jed pet a skunk, and I didn't touch a thing. Thank goodness! There were other animals too. I didn't watch the whole thing though. Then it was that special time of day...
SANTA!!!!!!! Lily yelled this as loud as she could 5 times when Santa walked into the room. (Thanks to Keona)

No matter how many times we tell Lily that Santa isn't real, she still loves him. She was so excited to sit on his lap, and take a picture with him. When it was her turn she went up there, and Santa asked if she had been a good girl. She obviously said yes. Who wouldn't? Then Santa put her on his lap and 
told her to smile for a picture. I have never seen her smile so nice for a camera. No Jokes. 

Santa then asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She said, "an Elsa doll."
 Lo and behold when she opened her gift from Santa, it was an Elsa doll! We were all very shocked that she had actually gotten what she asked for. It was completely by chance but she was sure it was straight from Santa.

See the smile! This was after the party when she tracked him down to thank him for her Elsa.
When we got home, we ate French Toast. Then Mom and Dad hid the advent.

Guess who the lucky finder was?!?!
Not me! Not Ella! Not Elijah!
Eve!!!!!! Yay! Then she gave away her candy cane cause she doesn't like mint, and she didn't give it to me!
*Angry Face*

She was really happy.
Okay, here's the poem.

We watched the final leg of Amazing race, then Dad and Mom went to bed.
(And Ella and Lily)
Us older girls watched a movie, while the boys hung out in the basement with the Wii.
Then when our movie was done we got the boys and went to bed.
That sums up our weekend!

Merry Christmas!


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