Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Six? Six Days!

Hi! This is Elijah posting today!
Today we woke up and were planing to relax, (and play video games), when Mom remembered that she and Prayer had to go out for lunch because Prayer won the best snowflake challenge. So they went out and everyone else stayed home and played video games :) or watched a movie in the basement. That is what we usually do when Mom goes out. Don't tell her :). When Mom and Prayer got home, Prayer and Eve did the Barbie on the shelf.

In case you didn't know, she is on the top shelf in the home-school room. She is sitting on a giant Santa hat, on a stack of papers. So Ella and Lily both tried it on pretending to be Santa.

                                                       Then we took a normal picture.

( Lily wasn't cooperating)

So after the Santa hat got boring, we watched Master Chef junior. In this episode, the kids got blindfolded and they had to eat and smell the food made by the judges for them. The food was pan-fried chicken and carrots and turnips, and a few other things. Then, the kids had to try to create a replica of the dish, without seeing what it was. Dad was watching it with us,(which isn't usual) and he saw the chicken and decided he had to have some. So for the remainder of the show, Dad was shopping for chicken he could eat with his carrots, potatoes, and beans. Then he cooked a gourmet dinner for him and mom. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of his dish, I didn't think about it. After he made and ate his meal, we relaxed and played video games again(it was Saturday! Why not?). After we relaxed, ate dinner, and did chores we relaxed a bit more. For dinner we had pasta.

After we had dinner,(and did chores), we did the advent. 

I wasn't going to look because I was taking pictures, but I looked anyway. I found it in Lily's toy kitchen, and knew it was meant for her and so I called her and told her she should look in her kitchen. So Jeddy ran over and pushed Lily trying to get there first. I held him back while Lily took the advent. He now says he was just gonna give it to Lily. Lily brought it to the living room and tried to read it on her own.

After she read a few words, Dad read it. I once again forgot a picture and I am very sorry. The inside said "the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear," which means that we watched Elf and ate popcorn and chips.

It is a movie about a human adopted by elves trying to find out figure out where he belongs. After the movie, we all went to bed, and that was the end of it. Oh, and also Ella is rabbit-sitting.

This is her friend's rabbit, Steve. (this picture was taken when Charity was blogging. I can't take pictures that well) Speaking of pets, earlier today I let the dog outside, and sadly I forgot about him. It so happens that dogs like meat! Justus, our dog, tore apart a garbage bag and spilled garbage all-over the garage and then wouldn't look at it when Mom asked him what he did! He just stared away and wouldn't look at the garbage. And this was all two days late for me to blog about it! So, I stole one story from Keona, and one from Charity. That is all I have to say! Bye!

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