Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hi! This is Eve. As many of you blog-readers know, We do Christmas advents.This year we have a new house so we put up our Christmas lights inside and out. But with a new house, comes new hiding places. For instance… Two weeks ago, We set up Christmas lights outside. Beautiful colours, surprised Dad with them when he got home, all that fun stuff. I set up the extension cord that turned them on. So when Prayer told me that Mom wanted me to unplug them, it seemed completely normal. I was wrong. I walked to the end of the long porch in the dark, unplugged the lights and heard a sound. Something like this, “HOOOWWWRRRWWWOWOWOWW SCREEEEEEEE”. I instantly freaked out, I thought ‘Coyote’ and ran to the door. I was running, so scared that it would catch me only to end up fumbling with the door handle.(That made everything better) I went inside, and saw everyone laughing. I was about to tell them I had heard a coyote at the end of the porch, when Mom walks in the door with her phone opened to a YouTube video of a bear growling. Soon I was laughing too, but my legs were still shaking.

Thanks a lot, Mom.

So there's an example of my ‘favourite’ experience since we moved.

Now, back to the advent.
I’ll start with this morning…

Prayer and I set this up for Ella and Lily to wake up to. The note read something along the lines of “Each morning you may catch me doing something nice… or naughty. Enjoy your Rice Krispie treats!” Barbie is also enjoying some Rice Krispie square. Lily was definitely more excited to have a Rice Krispie square before breakfast than Ella. Although Ella is excited to catch Barbie doing something naughty!

Now comes the big one.  While we were at music lessons today, Dad hid the advent card. (Mom wrote it before we left.) When we got home we cleaned up, them everyone sat on the couch. As usual, Ella and Lily got a head start. Then, for some reason, Jeddy got one too. Finally, Mom let everyone go. People were everywhere. I had two places. Under the Christmas table runner, and behind a sign on the kitchen shelf. It wasn’t under the table runner. I go around to the kitchen and look to see Elijah pulling the card out from behind the sign. Go figure.

He enjoyed his candy cane, after reading out Mom’s very well written poem. (She gets very excited when she thinks of a good one)

So we knew listening to coyotes meant sitting in the sunroom where we always sit at night with candles, but never all at once. First we started with talking about our day. Then Lily told Mom a story, then Mom told Lily a story, and another, and another. Then we decided to tell a group story.

We told two. One included Mom and Lily laughing at each other when they tripped, and the other had something about Mom not wanting Dad to have a gun, but Dad got one anyway. The second one lasted longer.

Enjoying hot chocolate with messy hair, and pyjamas...

...and blankets.

And Miss. Photo-bomber. I was trying to get a picture while she set up Lily’s seat. It didn’t work so well. This is what she gets… MWHAHAHAHHAHA.Smile with tongue out

So that was our first advent out of 24. 
The four oldest girls will most likely be taking turns blogging. 
So look for another one tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

- Eve

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