Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fun, Friends, and Countdowns!

Hey, this is Eve. 
So yesterday we decided to send Ella and Lily up to their room so we could do a Barbie on the Shelf.
Just a heads up, this was completely and totally Mom's idea.

Yes, we taped Sugar to the wall.

We had some help.

Lily and Addy freaked out.

So after this "experience" we wrapped some gifts, ate lunch, and watched Master Chef Junior.Then we painted.

Prayer took the little girls and got them some water colour paints. I attempted to paint  Mistletoe, but that didn't work. Mom wanted to take a picture. Addy came up to me and said,
(this is what she calls me)
Me-"Yes, Addy?"
Then she points at Mom and says,"Cheeeessee!" 
So we got our picture taken.

That night Jeddy found the advent.

So last year we made a Snowflake "chain" thing for the first time. So Mom decided to make it a tradition. 

Dad said whoever makes the best snowflake wins lunch out with Mom. Mom said he had to judge. Dad said he would judge after work tomorrow.


So Mom had to leave after lunch with the littles to go pick up a friend's Rabbit. What Ella, Jeddy, and Elijah didn't know was that their friends were sleeping over!So Elijah (who stayed home) was very surprised when his friend walked through the door!

We did the barbie on the shelf while they were out, It was a note that said something along the lines of " Me and my friends are hidden around the house, find us! if you find me you get a treat!" Ella's friend found it.

Charity however found the advent.

Inside was the winning snowflake! It was Prayer's.

And the advent was Charades.

The teams were all the girls vs the boys and Charity.
Here Ella is being a Christmas Tree.
My favorite one was Mom and Lily doing Santa Claus!

So there is advent number 10, and 9! 

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