Sunday, December 13, 2015

Days 16 & 15

Alright, this is Charity today. Sorry this blog is a few days late.
Barbie this morning was pretty boring.

She was reading books to her stuffed animals.
( Eve and Prayer up late and didn't have much time.)

So skipping to Wednesday night... Mom and Dad both agreed that this was the hardest spot they had hidden the advent yet.
 It took us maybe 10 minutes to find it; not as long as they thought it would.

Elijah found it under the stool in our kitchen.
Here's what it said.

This picture is blurry.:(

So this was new to all of us. We've never played the adjective game before. Well, not at home.

So basically what happened was my Mom would call out a descriptive adjective and we'd have to go get something that described that adjective. For instance: Fluffy. I don't know who, but someone went and got Theo. ( Our kitten.) First one to get whatever the word described would get 2 points. Second person got 1. Everyone else would get none. We were all split into teams. Michaella was still here so her and Keona were on a team. Then there was: Me and Elijah, Eve and Jed, and Prayer, Ella and Lily. Keona and Mikayla destroyed everyone.

Unfortunately I have no pictures because I was competing.:( 
Afterwards Ella and Lily had their own competition.
It was cute.

So, because Keona and Michaella won, they got hot chocolates.
Keona had a HUGE candy cane in the cupboard and decided that they should make candy cane hot chocolates.

So then we all went to bed.

Thursday morning Michaella 's Mom came and picked her up and left.
Then we all did tests, finished school, started Christmas break, ( Except Keona.:), and after dinner, Barbie left a note saying:

So of Ella and Lily went to get candy canes. It was adorable.

Then we had a few friends come and visit; they didn't leave until it was too late to do an advent.
Mom said the advent was that we were on Christmas break ( Except Keona.:) She then decided we'd have two on Friday.

So there it is. That's all folks!

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