Sunday, December 6, 2015

Both days 22 & 21!

Alright. This is Charity blogging today. You'll learn why. You might see me in some of the pics from yesterday. I wasn't on photo duty then.
First things first, Friday's "Barbie on the shelf".

So basically Barbie made Ella and Lily a lot of tiny Barbie sized pancakes for breakfast.
Lily: "Did Barbie make all of those by herself?"
Eve: "No Lily, I made them."
:) :)

So around noon that day Mom and Dad packed up and went on their first over-night date in a year-and-a-half. Addy was napping so we watched a movie. Addy woke up. We cleaned up and ate dinner. Then, finally, after a long day of waiting... Grandma arrived!

Addy had been listening to us all talk about Grandma coming over and got really excited!
She couldn't wait to see her. Once Grandma had settled in. ( Bags, groceries, and all...)
It was time for the advent!
Jeddy got to hide it and you'll never guess who found it.

Jed hid taped it to a curtain. It fell. Ella searched where it was, didn't see it, and walked away.
Jed told everyone, "Ella just looked where it is."
Of course Ella dashed back right away and picked it up off the ground.:(

Here's what it said.

(Once Grandma read this she said " You know what? We're staying up late and we don't have to save your Dad anything.". You can tell she loves to spoil us.) 

So let's just say Grandma brought enough chips and cereal for all of us to have our own bag/box.
(Hence the treats & snacks galore.)

So I put on the movie after Addy had gone to bed.
Let me just say we had a great night.

Watching Big Hero 6

So Addy was very good and only woke up when we went to bed. Not at all during the night.:)

So the next day I woke up to a baby crying at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday.
The only two people awake besides us were Elijah and Keona.
 Keona was skyping her friend and Elijah had just woken up.

So we gave Addy a bottle and put on Avengers Assemble episodes 'til everyone was up.

Saturday's "Barbie on the shelf" is...

Uh-Oh!!! Open the fridge and...

Barbie's in the fridge!!!!
Unfortunately I didn't get Lily's reaction.:(
But Ella said " What is barbie doing in there?"

So the morning was a bit jumbled up.

We ate lunch and made a craft for Mom and Dad.


Grandma thought this would be sweet. She was right. They loved it.:)

Then Grandma and I made dinner.
It was going to be a roast beef dinner with little potatoes.
We had just finished putting it in the oven and decided to watch a movie.

I texted Mom and asked a very intelligent question, 
"What's up?"

She said a very surprising answer,
"We are on our street."

 I was like," WHAAAAATTT?"

Everyone, it's time to clean up!!

So they got home and Grandma left around 4:00pm.
It was sad.
Addy kept saying Grandma and then waving at the door.:(

Then we ate around 4:30.

I don't know why I am posting times. Just really randomly felt like it.

So after Addy went to bed, (as always) at about 7:40 Dad said it was time for the advent.
As I was searching I could hear Lily saying, "Dad's too good at hiding it. He's hides it too hard!"

Lily found it. Yay!!!!

So here's what happened. Dad was in the home school room.
Lily walks in, looks at the bookshelf where Dad hid it too high for her to see never mind reach.
She walked away without knowing. Dad felt bad so he picked her up so she could see and she found it. So here's the rhyme.

Guess who wrote it? :]

So we were having a game night!!

Dad bought reindeer ears while they were out.

So we all got snacks and people decided the first game to play would be Catan.
Except only six people can play Catan so I decided I didn't want to.
It was an easy decision, believe me. Especially since I got promised a game of Taboo with Dad in it after.
I told Ella and Lily I'd play Spuzzle with them instead.

Then I learned that Jed was playing Spuzzle too!! Only to remember that my sisters had lost pieces and there were only enough for three to play.:(

Ella and Lily Decided to pose for me. :)

So Jed, Ella, and Lily played Spuzzle. All the others were playing Catan. I ended up giving Eve my bowl of Cheesies, and getting a bowl of dry corn pops. Sitting at the computer, and doing Eve's blogging turn.:)

Prayer was having a fun night.

So Mom called Dad a " Grumpy old man".
Eve said, "Yes. You should go hangout with Flare."( Our Grumpy old cat.)" It'd be nice!" 

I went and gave Dad a hug and told him he wasn't grumpy and old. :)

So after the younger kids were done playing their game, they put on Curious George.

Then when they were done playing Catan ( Dad won and said it was a "cremation"), Dad said he wasn't playing Taboo.:(

Then after a couple minutes of begging Dad said " Fine! I'll play 20 minutes of Board game!"

So we played Taboo.
The teams were: The four oldest girls VS Mom, Dad, Jed, and Ella.
( Elijah joined Mom and Dad's team half-way.)

Dad and Mom are the best. Team. EVER. 
Dad was shouting out the words and Mom would guess them in, no kidding, 5 seconds. Tops.
 Prayer came up with the most random things and Mom would just laugh like crazy.

They beat us by like ten points.
After that I came back and finished blogging while they all played a game with Dad.
this time it was a video game.

I went upstairs at about 10:45. 
We had an awesome weekend, even if it took a long time to blog about!

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