Friday, December 18, 2015

A week and a day!

Warning... There are a lot of pictures in this post!
Thanks to me! (Prayer)

I can't believe there is only a week and a day left till Christmas!


I basically spent all morning outside. We played hide-and-seek. Then we played
capture the flag. It didn't work very well. The forts with the flags in them were impenetrable. 
We had fun until lunch. Then it was time for Jed and Ella's friends to go home. Mom was meeting their Mom halfway to our house. After Mom dropped the kids off, Charity, Elijah, Jed, and Ella had a newspaper route. They earned $39 in tips!!! I was shocked. They were also given a box of chocolates.
Later and Eve were playing Lego in the boys' room. We then heard Mom tell everyone to go upstairs for the advent! In the middle of the afternoon! Okay, it was like 4:30, but still! Normally we do the advent at night! We went to search, sadly with no hints from Dad. Elijah found it.

His smile looks so fake it drives me crazy! :)
While I was taking this picture I noticed that under our tree was getting really full, and I thought I would share...

Notice the matching wrapping paper! We managed to get all our gifts so far in the same wrapping paper! Anyway, here's the card...

You got it! Breakfast for dinner! That's why we had to do the advent before dinner, because it was dinner! Mom got started right away. Charity and Eve helped. I took pictures and watched Addy. 
The menu was...

This soon turned into...

(Notice the steam?)

After pancakes there was scrambled Eggs...

Addy wanted to pose and say, "Cheese!" for me so I took her picture...

Sorry about the background...:}
We also had toast.

Now for the Barbie on the shelf. Yes, we didn't do it until dinner time, but at least we didn't forget! right?
Barbie decided to make chocolate milk for Ella and Lily to have with their breakfast/dinner.
(She made some for herself as well..)

Barbie ate at our table tonight!

Their chocolate milk...
And their pancakes...

Mom made them "E" and "L" pancakes.
Lily said they were awesome!

That about sums up our 8th advent! I hope you enjoyed my post!

Merry week-before Christmas!


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