Monday, December 21, 2015

7 days until Christmas!!!

Hey Everyone! Charity is blogging today.

So yesterday was fun. We cleaned up, and ate lunch.
Then Addy went to nap.
 Then we went to watch Master Chef... Only to realize we had none recorded on our PVR .:( So Mom decided to do the Girls Christmas nails instead.
 Me, Prayer, and the boys decided to play on the PS4.
 ( Mine and Prayer's nails were too short to paint.)
I'm sorry to say we didn't get any pictures of that.
So, once Addy woke up from nap, me and Mom made dinner. Well, Keona helped a little.:)
We made a shepherd's pie that was filled with; potatoes, beef, and, corn.
While that all cooked or whatnot, I rolled out some pre-made sugar cookie dough and baked about two dozen cookies. Then me and Mom made lots of different colored icings... but we didn't ice them yet! 

Then we waited. You see, all day us kids had been excited because Mom had told us Grandma was coming over. Just as we finished dinner, Mom went outside to help her out.
( Grandma had said she was bringing dessert.)
Grandma had brought cookies, iced tea, and powdered donuts.:)
After Grandma had settled down a bit it was time for the advent.
Eve found it.

And, because she doesn't like mint, she gave her candy- cane to Dad.

Here's what it said.

Grandma didn't want a pic by herself.:)

So now it was time to ice the sugar cookies!

The poor blank sugar cookies looked so lonely without their frosting.:(
No worries! We fixed 'em up!

So we all went into the dining room, and Mom gave us a demonstration on how to ice our cookies.
Then we all attacked the poor lonely cookies with frosting!

We all got to ice four cookies. There were two blank ones leftover so Dad devoured them.: ) 

I don't know who's these are, I think they are Prayer's.

So after that we ate dessert. Most of us didn't eat our cookies because the icing was still wet; we ate the cookies and donuts Grandma had brought instead. Then we talked to Grandma and then once she'd left we went to bed. 

You're supposed to hear from Elijah tomorrow!

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