Wednesday, December 23, 2015


( This is Eve today.)

Christmas is so close! Keeping gifts a secret is getting harder. Jeddy thinks he has guessed 3 of his already! Sunday was lots of fun. Jeddy and Ella were a part of a Christmas program at our church, so after the service they presented (along with other kids from their Sunday School). Lily was a shepherd. That was interesting! This was her first time ever doing anything like this. Let's just say  she was definitely getting a lot of attention! (Mom and Dad were horrified when she laid down on the ground to play with her stuffed animal sheep...)
After this episode of our lives we visited a friend's house, but by the time we got home it was too late to do the advent. So we did two on Monday! 

On Monday Mom went out for some Christmas gifts, so we kids had the house to ourselves. MWAHAHAHA! Charity burnt baked an apple pie while I played on the piano. I don't know what everyone else did. Mom said we'd do one of the advents when she got home. 
She lied.
Well, not exactly.
She went upstairs to wrap gifts and came down to make dinner. So we didn't do the advent until Dad got home. Elijah found both of them. He gave one to Lily. One of them said something about " we got to visit friends for the advent".

The other one said,
"We'll have dessert, courtesy of Charity, though slightly burnt it may be...
Then we'll get comfy on the couch and watch Masterchef on the T.V."

If you read Elijah's post about Saturday, you know that we watched Masterchef then. Unfortunately Mom thought we still had another one recorded. 
We didn't.

Dad thought of something better to watch. "Star Wars:Episode 1: The Phantom Menace".
So we watched the first hour of Star Wars: Episode 1. 
We didn't do a Barbie on the shelf. Sorry.

Tuesday, or "Christmas Eve Eve's Eve" (I know it's very confusing, but that's what the boys call it) was fun. We started the day with a barbie on the shelf! A treasure hunt was arranged.

It started with a clue on the counter from Barbie, which led to the candy cupboard. This led to Ken holding the next clue in the fruit door in the fridge, which led to a boot, which led to a mirror, and lastly (is that a word?) to under the Christmas tree. I think my clues were pretty good!

Ella and Lily took a minute to understand the whole clue thing. They found this in the candy cupboard after about 30 seconds.

"Your next clue is hidden in a small brown boot,
personally I think its really cute."

This one read,
"You'll find the next one where you see yourself,
it may be on a wall, mirror or shelf"
Lily had seen this one before so she found it.

They found this hilarious!

Addy was a big help!

That afternoon Charity said," I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they open their presents!"

Lily said, "Yeah, I can't wait to see my face when I open my presents!"

Elijah and Dad went out shopping for Mom's Christmas gift, so we did the advent without them!
Jeddy got to help Mom. 

Prayer found it!

Sorry this one's a little bright!

It says,
"A treasure hunt for candy the main floor through,
who will find the most? Will it be you?"

So we hunted for all the leftover chocolates and cookies from packages we had opened! I found 4, Prayer found 5, Keona found 3, Ella found 3, Lily found 2, and Charity found 2! It was fun. Like an Easter Egg hunt with less candy!

We girls went to the basement after that. We older girls played Doctor Mario and then watched LOTR. Then we went to bed! So there was our life for the last 2 days!
3 days till Christmas!

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