Thursday, December 3, 2015

24 Days Until Christmas!

 Hi Everyone! This is Charity, and I am doing the blog today.
I guess I should start with Eve's " Elf on the Shelf".

This picture is a little blurry. Let me give you a close up.

Today Barbie was naughty; she put googly eyes on all the pictures on Mom's picture shelf!
Ella laughed. Lily said " Barbie did that all by herself? I hope Barbie is nice tomorrow." :)

Now before the advent we had dinner. My Mom bought sweet potatoes this week so
we used them.

There you have sweet potato taters, barbecue sauce hind-quarter chicken, and
carrots, celery, and broccoli, fried in Italian seasoning and chicken broth. It was really good and a lot of fun to make. ;) It made me feel like watching Master Chef.

So next up we have the advent.

That is what gets put on the back. Behind the scenes.

Everyone searched. Well, almost everyone. Addy and Dad were playing PlayStation.
She gave me a look.

Ella found it.

Mom made her read it over by the fireplace where no one could read it faster than her.

(I made this picture bigger so it was easier to read the words.)
I think Mom's rhymes are better this year.

So we had to think of a creative snack that was quick and easy.
Everyone wanted to use the easy way. We were all like, " Let's eat the rice krispies we have in the fridge and the Shortbread ice cream from the freezer."
Mom said we weren't creative enough. 
While this was happening Ella was eating and sharing her candy-cane with Addy.

Isn't she a cutie?

Then Elijah came up with the idea to mix all the juice boxes we had downstairs into one jug of juice.
I know it sounds gross, but Mom let him do it.
 All my pics are blurry today:(
As you can see Mom made us get out bowls for everyone.
Then we had to wait until Addy was in bed.

Good night Addy!!!!

So Mom let us use the ice cream and rice krispies and the chips.

So ,of course, I made a master piece. 

Then I added more ice cream after I had taken the pic.:)

The juice didn't taste too bad, Sort of citrusy.

Well, then we watched Master Chef, ( 'Cause Gordon Ramsay's the best;)
Technically, it was Master Chef Junior.
All the kids are so much fun to watch cook and it's amazing to see what they come up with!

That's all for today folks. You'll hear from Keona or Prayer tomorrow!!!!

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  1. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's advent will be. 23 days till Christmas!!!


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