Friday, December 4, 2015

23 Days until Christmas!!!!!!!

So it is the one and only Prayer - the genius's turn to post!!!!!
So I am going to start with the elf on the shelf for today...

Barbie decided to go fishing!
In our bathroom sink!
Lily's reaction was priceless...
"OH!! Barbie's being naughty today!"
"Don't the fishes need water? We should get them water."
Sadly, I was sleeping when they saw this so... I didn't see their faces.

The advent today however was interesting...
Dad took about 7 minutes to hide the advent. At least it felt that long.
Then we came down and searched for the longest time this year. And still couldn't find it!
We got a hint that Lily could get it this time, but we still couldn't find it!
Mom gave half the kids another hint that, sadly, I didn't hear.
It was not in the kitchen or the living room, So now all the kids are in the homeschool room and by the front door. Jed says "I'm going to check behind the front bench." Ella then zipped across the front hallway and rolled the bench forward and shouts,"I found it!!!" :( Poor Jed.
I started to head into the living room to hear Ella's reading of the poem, when I see Lily crying in the corner of the kitchen. "I wanted to find it!" I told her that maybe Grandma would hide it easier tomorrow because of the sleepover. ;)
Then I brought Lily into the living room, and Ella read the advent...

Our Christmas tree had been set up a couple weeks ago, but we hadn't put any decorations on it.
That was what tonight was for. Mom said we didn't have to go to bed right away, we could still stay up afterwards. Dad said he wanted to watch "Elf" tonight, but Mom said it was too late for a movie. Which was obviously disappointing because we had no school Friday. I put one decoration on the tree. I also took a lot of pictures. ;)

Lily was excited to put on the star. :)

Ella was putting things on while eating a candy cane.

We managed to do this without a ton of silver balls in one spot,and all the red in another.
Dad lifted Lily up to put on the star.

I did have a picture of Lily sticking her tongue out while reaching to get it up there, but her shirt was also pulled up, so I didn't post it. :P

Our kitten, Theo, we have found inside the tree several times. He likes to climb it.

He also likes attacking Addy, but that's another story altogether...
Well, I hope you enjoyed my blog, I can't wait to write again in 2 days!

Merry Christmas!


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