Monday, December 7, 2015

20 Days left!

It's Prayer's turn to blog. Yay!!!
We only have 20 days left until Christmas! I'm soooo excited!
So, first thing first...

Barbie on the shelf! Today Barbie decided to be naughty!
She drew a silly face on all the bananas! When Lily and Ella saw it I was doing my hair for church, so I didn't see their reaction. When Dad came downstairs to make coffee he said,
"Did barbie draw the faces on the bananas?"
I laughed.

After church Mom and Dad wanted to relax for a bit, so us kids went to do random, non-electric activities. Mom got woken up once during her nap and while she was half asleep, she told me to make cupcakes. She had bought the ingredients while grocery shopping during the week. So I did.
She doesn't remember telling me to make cupcakes now. I think she must have been dreaming about them.

These are maple-vanilla cupcakes. Well, sort of.
I made the cake really easy, because Mom bought cake mix. Although I had to add the maple flavouring...I didn't add enough. So the cake ended up having a little extra sweetness instead of flavour. Oops. (All this cupcake talk is making me hungry.)
I was waiting for the cupcakes to bake, so I made the icing.
 I didn't have Mom's recipe, so I searched Pinterest. I found what i thought was a really good recipe...
Now, I had never made icing before, so I had no idea it needed shortening. Mom woke up on the middle of making icing, and asked what recipe I was using. She wasn't too impressed.
I had to pay for my mistakes, of course, and the icing ended up being SUPER thick. It was so thick, that my arms were shaking when I was done icing the cupcakes. I thought they tasted good.
So did Jed, who was supposed to be helping, but was only helping so he could test-taste every, single, thing. In other words, he left when it was time to clean up. *Rolls eyes*
Now, time for what you've all been waiting for, The Advent. 

Mom made the Advent. We were all begging Dad to let Mom hide it, because Dad hides it too hard. Except Elijah. So, the littles got their head start, and then Jed, and then the rest. Not even one minute after Mom said,"Go!" did we hear Elijah shout,"Found it!"
So much for me taking a selfie with the advent card...

Go Elijah, and Ella! The advent rhyme was hilarious...

More Taboo... Yay.
Us triplets groaned a little, not enjoying getting beat and all.
Elijah and Lily went to the basement to play Wii. We girls insisted that Mom and Dad be on separate teams. Without success. We lost by eight points this time. Eve could've won it for us again...She didn't. Now for the second half. We have been watching the latest season of the Amazing Race together. (Dad included) There is this one team that is very emotional, and in almost every episode they have won the leg. In this one they didn't. This was the semi-finals, and both of the teammates started crying, they almost lost at the end, because of a penalty... but in the end they came in second last. We were all very relieved. 
That is the end of my post I'm afraid. We all went to bed after that.

 I am posting one more picture. I wanted to take a picture of Addy and Lily in their matching shirts for the blog...

Isn't Addy's face adorable???
(Lily refused to smile, so I told her I was posting her frowning face)

Merry Christmas!

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