Wednesday, December 9, 2015

19 &...17?

 So, it was my (Eve) turn to blog for the past two days... and as you might guess , I haven't.

We'll start with the Barbie-on-the-shelf.

We found a cute idea on Pinterest for a snowman! So, as you can see, Barbie built a snowman. We were really rushing. We didn't do it the night before, so I had to ask Lily and Ella to stay upstairs while I "found Barbie", In which case I was building the snowman. Lily began to complain that I was being mean because I wanted to find the Barbie first. So when I did let them down she made sure to inform me that I was selfish. Then she went and found the "snowman".(Lily beat Ella to it this time.) Lily was very amused by the fact that Barbie built a snowman.

Monday was a very long day. After snowman experience, We all got busy with school. Keona had to double-up because a friend was coming over for a two-day sleepover. We were doing school till about 2:30pm. Jeddy and Ella have really been enjoying their geography! It's interesting to watch and see them learn the same things we did at their age.

So after a long stressful day, Mom was not planning on a long advent. We all knew it. It took about a minute to find it.

Prayer found it!

"We'll gather round the fireplace light, and read our favorite Christmas story tonight" 

This has kind-of become an advent tradition. On the night Mom is really tired, she reads us a Christmas story. We always choose "Joshua: The Crippled Lamb", because it always makes Mom cry... or so we thought. Mom read us the sad story about a crippled lamb who gets left behind on a journey to the valley, only to have the chance of a lifetime. Joshua the lamb was given the opportunity to welcome baby Jesus- the new King! Usually Mom cries at the part where Joshua gets left behind. This year, she didn't. I was a little disappointed.:( :) 

Tuesday was, again, another busy day. We decided to do another naughty trick with Barbie.

We painted their noses.

Aren't we naughty!

Ella was not impressed. She wanted Barbie to do something nice!

Me: Like what?
Ella:  I don't know, make us treats and stuff. Like pancakes and Rice Krispie squares. 

Yeah, go figure.


So when we went to music lessons we had to leave early, so we could pick up Keona's friend on the  way there. Then we rushed to my piano teacher's house. While I was in piano, Keona and her friend went to Bulk Barn. When I came out of piano we ran/drove as legally fast as we could back to her Faithway where I went in for my violin lesson. 

 Anyway, after a long event-less drive home, it was time for the advent.

I am just a little bit jealous that everybody who has found it has now found it more than once, while me, Keona, Jeddy, and Charity still have not found our luck. Anyway, Prayer found it again.
Since I'm such an awesome sister, Prayer gave me her Candy Cane, only to come back two minutes later to tell me I had to split it with Charity. You may have noticed that we skipped eighteen, but we messed up the order somehow. So we don't have an eighteen!
 I didn't take a picture of the inside, but it read:

"Run, run as fast as you can
You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man
But wait - it's not a man...not a dog, cat, or mouse,
It's time to decorate your gingerbread house!"

After Prayer read the poem, Dad laughed really hard and commented,"Well, she's no Edgar Allen Poe, that's for sure!"

 I think Keona and her friend did the best out of the big girls', but Ella and Lily did best of all!

This is Keona's.

This is mine. I said I didn't care what it looked like as long as it tastes good. It tasted amazing.

This is Ella's. I know right? What 7-year-old makes such an amazing gingerbread house! Although she did have a little help putting the actual house together!

Elijah had the pleasure of  making his and Addy's. The triangle one is Addy's. Charity knocked down the door.

This one is Lily's. Apparently this girl really likes candy!

This one is Michaella's. She was excited to have the "tent"!

That's all folks!

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