Friday, August 28, 2015

So We Moved...

We loved our house in Brooklin. I would have been more than content to stay there forever, except for one minor problem... We only had one parking spot and a one car garage. Which our "bus" didn't fit in. We had planned to start house-hunting next year. We figured we'd take the winter to fix things up and get ready to possibly sell in the spring. That all changed very suddenly when we saw this place. We saw this house on MLS on a Sunday and went for a showing Monday night. It was everything we had prayed for and more. Scott and I stood in the laundry room and said, "This is it..." And decided to put an offer in. We worked like crazy people, had friends and family come and help until all hours of the night, took over my mom's garage, and got our house cleaned out, staged, and on the market by Saturday. It sold on Monday. I'm so incredibly thankful that it sold on Monday. Trying to keep a house in "showing" condition with 9 kids running around.... Pretty much impossible. 
(Last picture on our old porch)

Less than a month later and here we are all moved in to our dream home.
The girls tried to make her drive up to the new place more comfortable... 

Beyond having somewhere to park our extra large vehicles, we also have a bit more space for the kids to run around. (And ride bikes apparently)

Addy's walking all over the place now! She also turns into a daredevil climber every time I turn my back.

 She was in the garden 30 seconds after I took this picture.

The day after we moved in, the kids and their friends decided to jump into the pool.
So what if it was only 20 degrees out?!?!

I hung all of the clothes out on the line to dry afterwards (since we don't have a washer and dryer for another 4 days) and when Eve was taking them down she says, "I feel like a true country girl now!"  Ha...
The younger kids are loving all of the outdoor space. They built a fort up on the hill while I was painting yesterday.
The older girls just want to be in the pool. Personally, I'm enjoying the sunroom. 
This morning while I was drinking my tea at 6am all I could hear were the cows  moo'ing in the field behind us. I'm going out every morning in hopes of seeing a moose. The previous owners told us that they come through the yard every now and then. 
The country has it's downsides too. Yesterday morning, (the first day that Scott was back to work) the cat was going crazy. Ella insisted she had fed him so we ignored the meowing. A few minutes later, Prayer went down to the basement to get something and she came right back up. She looks at me and says, "Mom, I think there's a dead mouse down there." I went down and sure enough... Flare was sitting there beside his prey meowing proudly. I got to clean it up...
Other than that, it's been a good first couple of days. I'm doing pretty well so far for someone who's been a city girl my whole life. 
Next up... More painting! The previous owners liked dark colours. 


  1. Wow! This is incredible! May Your cup keep overflowing! 😊😉

  2. Very exciting! You won't regret it. I grew up in the country and miss it every day.


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