Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 days until Christmas!

Yesterday was a normal day I promise. Well, normal for us.


So yesterday morning we ate oatmeal for breakfast. And we all ate vitamins. (Yes, some of us are still sick.)Sad smile

Then we learned that some of  our good old friends were coming over to play. Yay!

So we cleaned the house a little bit, and made sure that the bedrooms were done.Smile

At about 12:00 they arrived! The first thing we girls did was play Barbies in Ella's room. That wasn’t for too long. Then me, Ella, and Ella’s new best friend went to play in the basement. We decided to have rollerblading Olympics. While Eve, Ashley, Brooke, and Charity played figurines upstairs.

One of the younger girls was playing with Eve’s reindeer  figurine from Frozen and she accidentally broke off one of his antlers!

I thought it was funny when I heard about it.Smile with tongue out

(The boys were playing Lego in the basement) After a little while we had lunch. I wanted a picture of this troublemaker but he was hiding behind his sandwich and I told him since he was hiding I would post a picture of him hiding.Angry smile


After lunch we hung out a bit until Dad left for work, and then Elijah and his friend played a game on the computer and laptop, and the girls played Barbies again.



Their princesses had the power to fly, to talk to animals, to just know when someone is the bad guy… they were very imaginative!

The boys were going to play Wii but they wanted to stay on the computer instead. So we girls played Mario Kart. You will never guess who played…

At first four of us older girls played. Then one of the younger girls and Charity got on one team, Eve and the youngest were on another team, and me and Ella were on a team. What I mean by team is that we had to share a remote because there was too many of us!

We older girls assumed that the two younger girls wouldn’t do very well. Boy were we surprised!

Charity’s special team mate got first place on a race!Surprised smile And Eve’s teammate got third!Confused smile

Oh, and did I mention that the 3 year old can play Temple Run better than I can?Laughing out loud On one race on Mario Kart she thought she was my racer and so when I won, she thought she won, when really she was in last place. I cried laughing at her reaction at the end of the race. I mean she wasn’t upset or anything she was trying to prove to Eve that my screen was her screen.SmileIt was really funny.

At about 4:00 they had to go, but we had lots of fun!

Then we had dinner. Mom wanted to go out with Lily so she could spend her birthday money. So we did chores while Lily and Mom went to Target. When they got back Lily had another baby doll! Yay!Open-mouthed smileI don't know smileThinking smile

The doll talks when Lily spins it  so she likes that about it, and it looks like her…




She loves her babies! Hopefully none of them swallow batteries though.Winking smile

Now, the advent. I think this was very interestingly fun.Smile

Jed found it.



Here it is!


So we played hide-and-seek in the dark except you have to try to make it back to the living room without the counter seeing you. It was very hard with Lily.Confused smile

It was fun though, I only made it back to the living room once.In love

One round where I was hiding beside Mom’s bed with Lily and Mom rushed in and hid under a blanket  on Dad’s chair. I left Lily with Mom and went to hide somewhere better.Angry smile

Lily was so obsessed with the flash-light that she wouldn’t do a round without it!

So on one of the last rounds Charity had a good spot in the kitchen…


Yah, she got really dusty, and she was wearing my pants and shirt!Baring teeth smile

After Lily went to bed we were going to watch a show but spent that time chatting with Grandma. She stopped by to lend us her vacuum. (Our plug broke.)

That about sums up our night it was really awesome!


She is so cute, right?


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