Friday, December 19, 2014

6 days to go! (Mom’s turn)

Prayer has been doing an amazing job at blogging. I’m so glad that she decided she wanted to do it for the month of December, because there is no way I would have kept up with it! But seeing as she’s at a friend’s house for a Christmas party with my other older girls, the boys are out with Grandma, Ella’s out on a date with Scott, and I’m home with the two littles… I thought I’d sub-in for tonight.

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Yesterday was one of those days that you don’t really blog about. I got up and tried to get the house in order before dropping some kids off a friend’s house. Then I took three kids and went grocery shopping. After that I had to run over to Target and pay for a spatula my three year old stole. She’s on a roll this week! While shopping the other night, she was sitting in the cart holding onto the spatula. She kept dangling it over the side threatening to drop it. I told her to stop and didn’t think about it again. We got to the checkout and the spatula was nowhere to be found. I asked her why she dropped it after I asked her not to and she replied, “Oh… I sorry, Mom. We can go back and get it!” But at that point, I was in no mood to walk back across the store for a spatula, so we left without it. We got home and she was showing Ella the doll that she bought with her birthday money when the spatula fell out of the box. So… back to yesterday… I went BACK to Target to pay for the spatula. Then I picked up a vacuum that I bought on Varagesale because ours has a broken plug and we haven’t had time to drive it to the repair place and we really can’t go more than a few days without vacuuming in here. (Also, if you don’t have the app Varagesale… you NEED the app Varagesale! Can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved on gifts this year using it!) Ok.. then to pick up kids and rush home. Then we clean, vacuum, scrub floors, make dinner, and head out to violin lessons.


Let me tell you, by the time we’re on the way back home from violin- the last thing I feel like doing is some advent activity. Funny how once I decide to force myself to do it- I always enjoy it! So we decided to grab some donuts from Timmy’s and drive around the neighbourhood looking at all the Christmas lights. We usually pick our favourite house and bring them a Tim’s giftcard before Christmas.


So the kids oooh’d and ahhh’d over the lights while I enjoyed a donut and felt my blood pressure return to normal. Thankfully, yesterday was an abnormal day for Christmas break. My favourite part of the holidays is definitely the loose schedule that allows us more time.

Time for family and friends.


Time to play with the kids.

photo 1 (11)

Time to read books and draw pictures together.

Time to sit and enjoy breakfast with my hubby in the morning. We actually went on our first breakfast date since Addy was born this week. The girls babysat and let us sneak out for 45 minutes while she napped! That was refreshing.

Time for a break.


As I get older, and my kids get older, I’m practicing taking my time more. Rushing less. (I did say practicing- I’m not there yet! See above… ha!)

photo 4 (3)

(Patiently waiting for my daughter to finish feeding the “poor pigeon” a cracker in the middle of a parking lot)

I’ve always loved Christmas time, but hosting use to stress me out. I would be a frazzled, short-tempered mess while getting ready for people to arrive. I’m learning to enjoy it more. To let the girls help in the kitchen, to keep the menu simple so I have more time to spend sitting with family…  I only have so many more Decembers with these kids at home- so I’m doing everything I can to make memories.


(After tobogganing in the dark!)

That really is the whole point of our advent activities. To make memories together, and to take time to talk about why we celebrate Christmas. To take time to be thankful for everything God has given us.


If this blog does anything this month- let it be an encouragement to spend time with loved ones because you don’t know how many more times you’ll get to spend a Christmas together… and remember the reason we have this holiday. Take a moment to give thanks for the gift of a little baby born in a manger and all that He has already done for you.

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 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights…

-James 1:17

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  1. Your family is so happy. I really love your blog !


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