Tuesday, December 2, 2014

24 days left!


I am so glad to be doing this! Today after school we cleaned up the house, then the kids that are younger than Keona went up-stairs.Then Keona and Mom made this little advent card for today and hid it. I was so close to getting the candy-cane on the back but Jeddy found it first.

So I guess you all want to read Mom’s rhyme ? I have a picture!


So, yes, we all have a cold…but we got to watch a movie on a school night!


We decided to watch The Prince Of Egypt because Ella has been learning about Moses in school. Now we all want to watch Joseph King Of Dreams. In love

Charity and Lily were hanging out all day and so I grabbed a cute pic of them together.DSC_1592

   (I think this was the first time Lily has given me a cute smile!)

So in the first picture I put on this post there was a rip in the advent card. I have evidence of who ripped it.


I was like ‘How could you ruin my picture Eve!?!?!?!’Confused smile


Mom was sitting with Jed to watch the movie. Before this one I got one of her blinking… it was hilarious.Open-mouthed smile


Mom started making popcorn after she put Addy to sleep. Well, lets just say Addy wanted to eat popcorn too.


    (She was smiling but she was also facing the other waySad smile)

We started reading a new book with Mom this morning. Part of the book was to write a journal  and to answer a couple questions from it. We four older girls are doing that,then all of the kids have to write a letter to show your love to someone. So at dinner Mom asked us all if we did our project. Charity said,  ”What were we supposed to write again?”

Mom was like really ?

Me and Eve died laughing .Open-mouthed smile

So we had a very … interesting day.

Oh, and Lily likes the Wonder Woman Lego guy!

Who Knew, right ?

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