Thursday, December 4, 2014

23 days!

So yes, I am late on the 3rd day.I think I get it from Mom. In love


Yesterday, Mom left at about 10:45 to pick up Aunty Sarah from the Go-station. She brought an ear-piercing gun with her.There were 2 girls in this family without their ears pierced- Lily and Addy. Today, everyone (but the boys) have their ears pierced.


Sarah taught Mom how to pierce ears because she didn’t want to “pull the trigger”. Or be disliked by her two nieces.

So with Lily … lets just say she didn’t know what to expect. She cried with the second ear, but made the cutest smile after it was all done.


Addy was freaking out before Mom even pulled the trigger. The poor child.The wipes they used to clean her ears were cold!

So once they got the first earring in, they turned on the big light in the kitchen that she loves to stare at. Then Mom snuck over and put the second earring in. After Mom pulled the trigger it was like slow motion. First Addy looked at Mom, then she started to cry. After Mom fed her she calmed down.


Did I mention that once Mom started to do Addy’s second ear Sarah ran out of the kitchen and off the main floor? She didn’t want to watch. Apparently she was already traumatized when Addy started crying after they cleaned her ears!Open-mouthed smile

Right before Dinner, Sarah and Mom made the advent. (I think Keona hid it) Then we all start looking and I looked in the dining room. Then I found the card in Mom’s photo book bin. It had a candy cane on it!


Too bad I dropped the candy-cane on the floor and broke it.Sad smile

So we all got to do this special thing after dinner…


So after Mom dropped Sarah off at the Go-station, we all played Mario-Kart. In the final round it was me, Mom, Eve, and Elijah. Elijah won, of course. He practices on his 3DS. Mom and I got last, and Eve got second place. The rest of the kids played too. Ella got 3rd place in one of her races with Keona, Eve, and Elijah. OH!!! Ella lost another front tooth!


She looks so cute, right?

So before Sarah left, Jeddy and Ella were trying to beat her up playing rough with her.Smile

Then Keona decided to join the fun and immediately after she started playing with them Jeddy starts screaming. Keona pushed him into the ground and he had landed backwards on all the fingers on his left hand. He was OK he just had a sore hand.Sad smile

I think I got a picture of them playing rough with Sarah.


Poor Sarah.Angry smileRight before I got the camera out Sarah was sitting on Jed. That would have been a hilarious picture!

Today is Thursday, which means it is clean up day! But I will post another blog tonight.

So, That’s all folks!


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