Thursday, December 4, 2014

22 days!



DSC_1806Wow! What an amazing day! I blogged after school today, and now I am blogging after dinner. Guess that’s because I didn’t blog yesterday.In love


Today we ate, did school, and cleaned. Then Mom and Charity went to Target. When they got back, everyone but Mom and Charity went upstairs, while Mom and Charity made the advent card. Guess who found it again? Me! I don’t have any pictures though, because Charity had the camera and didn’t know how to work it.Open-mouthed smileSad smile


Well, here is the advent card…


Mom wanted to do hot chocolate, and she wanted to read a Christmas book. So we got to do both!


I’m sure anyone could guess what happened next.


Yup, you guessed it, hot chocolate on the carpet.

The floor was a little bit dark until Mom dried it up.Smile with tongue out

Once everybody finished their hot chocolate at the table, we read a book.


Like, right after I took this picture Mom’s camera battery died! Confused smile

Then me and Eve went searching through Mom’s camera bag and the charger wasn’t there!

Eve remembered that she last plugged it in, in the corner of the living room. (Behind Mom in the picture above.) That is where the battery is charging now.

Luckily, Mom had a spare battery for her camera.

We are selling hats and saving the money towards a laptop, but if I want to be able to use the laptop I have to help.


So off I go… to make hats!


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