Saturday, December 6, 2014

21 days!

I hope that when you see the advent card today, you will understand why I was late.

(I know, excuses, excuses.)


Yesterday, we did tests for school. When we do test day, we also learn who has the best average for the week. Whoever has the best average for the week has no chores until next Thursday. Yay!

Soooo, guess what? I won for the week! Who knew, right? So now Charity has my chore.

So here is my excuse for being late…


I love the first part… no need for the cheesy poem!Open-mouthed smile

While I was searching for the advent, Charity found it taped under the end table in the corner of the living room!


So you guessed it, we watched Elf. It’s a family favourite.

We had a special person come over last night... Grandma!

Grandma came about 4:30 to take Keona and Charity grocery shopping. Then they went to Subway for dinner.

When they got back at about 7:00, they brought a whole bunch of treats and chocolate with them. Oh, and Timbits!



Grandma held Addy for a little while, then she had to go.Sad smile


It was kinda late, so Ella was in a cuddly mood. She cuddled with Dad and Lily.DSC_1899

One more picture. Eve and Charity were being such goofballs, I just have to put one on.DSC_1895

I honestly think that this was the most hilarious one.Smile with tongue out

So, I will blog again tonight, since we are supposedly having a really good advent!

Ta-ta for now!


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