Sunday, December 7, 2014

20 days!

Oh great, I still haven’t  posted yesterday’s blog and I’m typing today’s blog.I’ll post them both at the same time.In loveToday we had a very fun advent.


It is really hard to think that the year has passed so fast! Time is like lightning! Mom and Dad were just talking about how they will be teaching Keona how to drive!Surprised smileLike, really ?

Today I woke up at 6:00 just because I had to cough. I got a drink of water and then I woke up Eve and Charity, which woke up Keona, and so we laughed at a billion posts on Google plus.(Courtesy of Keona’s i-pod.)

At 7:00 we ate breakfast with the rest of the kids, including Addy who had baby cereal.Then the rest of the kids did chores while me and Lily went down to play Lego in the basement. After chores we were followed by Charity, Eve, Ella, Jeddy, and Elijah. We played Lego until lunch.Smile 

A couple hours after lunch we did the advent. All the kids went upstairs, while Mom and Dad wrote and hid the advent. Dad hid it very well. We took forever to find it!

Ella found it. It was hidden in the kitchen table center-piece under all the rocks. Everyone looked there, but Ella was the only one who looked properly.


Lily was really tired. Mom told Keona to take Lily to get into pyjamas, and Lily only wanted to wear the Princess nightgown.UH-OH! She was forced to come down in a different nightgown and sit on the stairs till she was done crying.Then Mom asked her if she wanted a present. Lily didn’t answer. Then Mom said “Well, I bought you an Olaf cup while I was out do you want it?”

“I don’t want it.”

Mom wasn’t very happy, but she wasn’t too upset. She knew Lily was tired.Eventually Lily calmed down.

Mom had run a CD to grandma’s house earlier. She had also bought a ton of things from Dollarama.

Now we know why.


We started with the strongest…Arm-wrestling.


Mom decided to cheat because she was losing…



First was Jeddy and Ella. Jed won.

Next, was me and Elijah. I got disqualified for lifting my elbow.DSC_1925

I would have won if my arm wasn’t so jumpy.Confused smile

Then the last match I have pictures of is Charity and Eve. It was close.DSC_1938

First, Eve lifted up her elbow, didn’t count. Charity lifted her elbow, didn’t count. Like five minutes later, Eve lifted up her elbow and lost.

Then people kept going till it came down to Charity and Keona. Wah Wah Wah… Charity lost. They both got a chance to win a prize though.

The way you win a prize is : You can go for whatever is under the cups, or walk away with a chocolate bar.

Keona and Charity both went for the cups. They both chose one of the two cups. When Mom said ‘go’ they both lifted up their cups…

Charity’s was empty and Keona got a dollar.Angry smile

Next Challenge: Balance the longest

We had to balance little people on the back of our hand  without dropping it.We also had to keep our elbow straight the entire time.Confused smile

It came down to just Eve and Charity (again).

Eve won this time! She was very determined.


Next challenge: Who is fastest to fall?

This challenge was mostly for reflexes. (and possibly for the entertainment )

Me and Eve went upstairs and got 8, big, same-sized books. Mom stacked them on top of each other. Then she told Ella and Lily to stand on them. She gave them each a cardboard pole, and told them to try to knock each other off the stacks of books.


Lily lost.Sad smile

Then Ella and Jed went, followed by Eve and Keona.Then came me and Charity. This is how it went: Charity hits me in the stomach, I hit her in the stomach, she hit me in the face, I tried not to cry, she hit me off. End of story. Yeah, I know… pathetic.

Eve and Keona made Mom cry. They made her laugh so hard. Then Mom wanted to try, and lost against Keona.


Last challenge: Stack the highest.

The game went like this: Teammate #1 would hold the plate while teammate #2 would stack as many foam plates and cups on it as high as you can. Cups can’t touch cups, and plates can’t touch plates. When your tower falls your team is out.

Here are the teams:

Dad and Ella

Mom and Lily

Me and Eve

Keona and Charity

Elijah and Jeddy

Guess which one won?

Dad and Ella!

(I wish I had a picture for this challenge)


Earlier when we had lunch Mom asked me to pull out some pictures of Miss Madge’s birthday party. I also found a hilarious picture of Lily…


Well, I have to go now but I will type to you tomorrow! Bye!


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  1. Prayer, I've really been enjoying your Advent posts :-). I know you don't know me, but I know your parents & grandparents as well. Keep up the good work!


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