Monday, December 8, 2014

19 days!


(Mom was supposed to post this last night, but she forgot. Now it’s a day late!)

Today was very busy. First things first…


So, this morning I woke up to Mom saying, ”Get out of bed girls! I woke you up an hour ago!”

Apparently not. We were all sleeping.

Then we all got ready for church. Jeddy rode with Dad to church to help set up chairs, while the rest of us rode with Mom and were almost late!

After church we had to go straight to the highway and down to Scarborough to pick up Sarah for Mama’s 90th birthday party. Lily would not stop asking Sarah where Adam was, even after she explained that he was at work. Lily really wanted to see him!Smile

My Great-great-grandma turned 90 this week. She had a big birthday party at her church. A lot of her descendants were there. Mom was asking Sarah on the drive if she wanted to do the great granddaughter speech. Sarah said, “Oh-no, you go ahead.”Smile

This was a bookmark we made to give out to everyone at the party.

Front copyBack copy

So Mom made a little speech, she said Mama was an example of the ‘virtuous woman’ from proverbs. Which is very true.


We love you, Mama!


This is a picture of Mama with some of her granddaughters, great granddaughters, and great-great granddaughters. Smile

image (17)

And the same with her grandsons…

image (18)

Here are some things that were on the tables at the party.

Mama’s family tree…


And a picture of Mama in front of a poster that says all of the things she has accomplished.


Charity keeps saying,”Mama looked like the Queen of England today! Only black…”

After the party we dropped Sarah off at her house and we went home. Then we did the advent. I was looking in the spot it was hidden in, and Jeddy ran over and grabbed the advent right out of the bin I was looking in! I was so close!

Dad was leaving for a night service at church when we got back, so we did the advent without him.



Lily is wired? Ha! Love it!

The Amazing Race, is a TV show the boys and Mom watched last week. We watched it with them today.

We also ate some snacks while watching it.

I’m sorry it is a boring advent, but it was fun!

It is bed time so I have to go but, I will write again tomorrow because I am back on track!

-PrayerSmile with tongue out

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