Tuesday, December 9, 2014

18 days!

Oh, how I wish I was back on track! Yet, I am late again!


We didn’t do too much yesterday before we did the advent. When we did science we had a project called Muscle Times. WE had to team up in teams of two and create a newspaper article that  gives lots of information on muscles. I teamed up with Eve, Charity with Elijah, Keona had a team of three with the little kids. She got to have three people on her team because it wouldn’t have been fair for the little kids to have to do it on their own. We have to hand in our newspapers at the end of the week.


Elijah found the advent card. It was behind the salt and pepper shakers on the counter. Everybody walked by them.

photo 1 (10)photo 2 (10)

                (This is us looking)                                               ( this is Elijah happy he found it.)Smile

Here is the advent.Winking smile


When I first heard it I was like what? Then Charity said, ”Gingerbread man!”

And I was like “Oh, duh!”

So we made Gingerbread men.Smile with tongue out

Mom found a recipe online for Gingerbread men. She had to run out before the advent to buy molasses. And then she made the Gingerbread dough before dinner. Then we found out that we had to chill the dough. So we ate dinner while the dough chilled in the freezer, then after dinner chores we made cookies!


They weren’t all shaped like this. Some were Christmas trees, or snowmen, or Gingerbread girls…DSC_2015

The little kids did get to cut 2 or 3 cookies each, but us older girls did most of the cutting.

The cookies only had to bake for 15 minutes, then we got to ice them.

Before dinner Mom made the icing, but while some girls cut cookies the others coloured the icing.

Unfortunately the ones who coloured the icing have no sense of creativity and they forgot about white and coloured all the icing and didn’t leave any leftover white.Sad smile DSC_2016

Mom added more food colouring to the red afterwards. So it was actually red. We took the icing and cookies to the table. Everyone had a certain amount they wanted to do, and they did it!


(Mom took this picture)

So here is what everyone did.



   Ella and Eve:


Lily and Mom:




(She called the one who lost a leg “Tiny Tim” Smile)




Mom made a gingerbread version of her and Dad.Surprised smileIn loveIt is so cute!


See! It’s adorable!

I can’t wait to see how Christmas Break goes! Can’t wait til the 19th!


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