Wednesday, December 10, 2014

16 Days left!

So I forgot to take a picture of the advent card yesterday and it got recycled… So I am using today’s card, and blogging about today and yesterday.That way I will be caught up!DSC_2120

It’s pretty isn’t it?

So yesterday we woke up and went downstairs to do school.

Lily drew a picture of Mom for school…

photo 3 (10)

I wonder if this is how Lily sees Mom in her dreams?Smile with tongue out

So after school we had a normal day, and then we did the advent.

Eve found it, it was under the stool. Right where Lily always goes right away, and yesterday she didn’t.Sad smile

So the advent was to watch the Grinch Movie. I’m sorry I don’t remember the poem, I just know it was cheesy. I have pictures of people watching the movie.



Addy really enjoyed the movie.Smile

Poor Elijah must have been freezing eating cookies and drinking milk, in the winter, in shorts…


Today I woke up to…”Guys wake up! Mom’s downstairs already!”

Uh-Oh, when Mom is downstairs before you’re up, you’re in trouble.

At least I still got a warm breakfast.In love

Today we had a very short day at school.

Dad went out early-ish for a meeting with someone.

When he got back, he called us into the living-room for a family meeting.

Then he told us that we have to clean the house for the holidays.


Anyway… me, Charity, Elijah, Ella, and Jeddy cleaned the basement. While Eve, Mom, and Keona cleaned upstairs.

Then we had dinner, me and Jed checked the mail, and then we did the advent.Winking smile

Charity found it.Sad smile

Here it is!


SO we all put board games into the bowl, and Mom drew the one that only one person wanted to play!


Like, really? Oh well, it was fun anyway.Winking smile

Charity won. Elijah showed me his cards half-way through the game, luckily I already knew what they were.Smile



                       (Sorry, that’s all I got they were already cleaning up the game.) Sad smile

We had enough time to do another game so we played Taboo.

Mom and Keona won by one turn.Devil

Then we played Charades with Taboo cards. It was hilarious. Keona videotaped it.Smile

So lately I have been making homemade bread with Mom, well, mostly by myself.

Recently, the loaves tasted just like croissants. So I took a picture.


It’s really fun to make.

Guess what?



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