Saturday, December 13, 2014

14 and 13 days left!!

So I'm behind again so I am blogging two blogs in one night! Again! Yay!(I would put an Emoticon but I need to put a picture first.)



So yesterday I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and then went to study for tests!

I told you all about the no chore thing? Right? Well, I didn’t tell you what happens when Keona (who does the dishes), gets the best average of the week.

Mom told Keona that if Keona won for the week, she would do Keona’s chore.

Keona hadn’t gotten the best average all year… until Friday.

So Mom does the dinner dishes while Charity does breakfast and lunch.

So I promised I would post our Muscle times Newspaper project for science, I’m afraid it’s too small to read though.Sad smile


(Charity’s and Elijah’s)


(Keona, Jeddy, and Ella’s)


(Mine and Eve’s)

So you see, we had fun. Some of us did ads too.Winking smile

Yesterday was also oral book report day.Disappointed smile

I’m not sure that any of us practiced reciting what we were going to say.In love

We all had a paper that we wrote what we were going to need on it.

Mom was the main judge that graded everyone. Us big kids also got to tell the person who read their report how well we thought they did with either a thumbs up or thumbs down.Thumbs upThumbs down

It was fun!

Charity got 3 thumbs down!Angry smile

Then Mom had to add up our averages. While we were waiting, we were talking about how well we did in English.

I said, “Wow1! I did good in English this week. For once…”

Mom said, ”Well, Prayer, you did well...”

Oops!In love

So yeah, Keona had the best average.Confused smile

So then Mom had to go grocery shopping after school so I fed Addy, then put her to sleep because Eve went with Mom.

Then I played Wii with Elijah.

While were playing Wii, Mom asked if me, Elijah, Ella, and Jed wanted to play at a friend’s house. We all went, of course.Open-mouthed smile

So for dinner the boys, Mom, and I made soup and sandwiches. It was fun.

Then it was advent time.

Eve found it and told Lily where it was.Surprised smile


For advent #14, we did the best advent EVER!!!!!



Awesome, right?

We had another Mario Kart tournament for Dad, and guess what?

Neither Dad or Elijah made it to the finals!Angry smile

For the first time in history!

Neither did I though.Sad smile

So we had fun yesterday.



Today as soon as I got up I was getting ready to go out.

We had a church pancake-brunch.

We went to a church-friend’s house, and had the best pancakes ever! I mean, they were amazing!

We left at 10:00am and arrived home at about 2:00pm.

And we decided to play in the snow for like, 3 hours. It was really fun, and we still had time to do an advent!

Charity found it in a hoody on a kitchen chair’s pocket.


It was a very interesting advent.


(Dad made the advent card and poem!)

(Mom woke up like, right before I took this picture.)

Yay! We all get to watch the Leafs!Winking smile

Yeah, right.

Jeddy asked for the computer right away.Open-mouthed smile

Mom taught Ella how to start a Granny Square, and I blogged.

I don’t know what everyone else did.Smile

So here I am blogging now while the Leafs are destroying Detroit.Smile

Wow! That took a long time to type!Confused smile


That is what we did yesterday and today.


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