Monday, December 15, 2014

12 more days!


Dad drew the numbers, I thought it looked kinda creepy.Winking smile

Yesterday was Sunday so we went to church in the morning. Dad preached on Luke chapter 2.

Then after church we went home and hung out as a family for a little bit.

I crocheted for a little bit, I am making a black hat to see if I can make a night-fury. It’s really fun, and a lot easier than I thought it would be.

After dinner we did chores, and then Mom and Dad were constantly asked when we were doing the advent.Confused smile

So eventually Mom and Dad sent us all upstairs so they could make the advent card. (And hide it.)

So then all the kids but Keona were playing hide and seek in the dark in the boys’ room and Dad said, “Ready.” I had to help Lily so I was taking a little bit longer to get downstairs.

When I reached the landing I hear Keona go, ”I found it!”

I was likeDisappointed smilealready?Surprised smile

So then Lily started crying saying she wanted to find it.Sad smile

It was on the mantle so Lily wouldn't have found it anyway.

Here it is…


I was looking forward to the poem, and they didn’t even have one!Sad smile

OH well, I told them they could have made it a poem by making the word too appear after popcorn.Smile with tongue out

So Mom told us to wait to eat our popcorn because she had a contest for it.

WE had to throw popcorn into the air and catch it in our mouths . Whoever had the most catches out of 10 tries won a can of pop.

Eve was the first big person to go and she got 6.

Then Charity got 4.

Keona got 5.


Elijah got 7.


(Look at Lily stuffing her face!Smile)

Jed got 4.

I got 3

Yah.Sad smile

Mom got 8.Surprised smileShe would have won.

Elijah got pop.Smile

Then we watched Joseph King of Dreams.

Then it was time for bed.Sad smile

And now here I am blogging!Open-mouthed smile

I will post about today tonight.Sleeping half-moon

Bye for now!


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