Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 days until Christmas!

Wow… we are actually a day behind on our advent! Great that just totally knocked down my inspiration!


Just kidding!Smile with tongue out

So yesterday we woke up and rejoiced! We had no school! YES!Open-mouthed smileFINALLY!

It’s awesome!Smile

So that meant we can use video games during school hours!

Not that we did…

OK, I did, Jed did, pretty much everyone did.Embarrassed smile

Anyway, afterwards around 1:00 we decided Mom decided that it was time to do something else.Smile

So we went downstairs to rollerblade.

Eve is amazing at rollerblading and spinning and jumping and…well, she is just so graceful on rollerblades! (Though her rollerblades are the only ones with smooth wheels.)

After that we went upstairs to draw and Mom was going decoration crazy! She wanted to fix up chipped spots on the wall, take the “ugly ribbon” off the tree, even out the ornaments, and we did all that and more!

We also put decorations up outside, that way we wouldn’t be the only house on the street without any.Smile

After our amazing dinner of pasta and ground beef with mozzarella cheese on top, we had time for the advent. While waiting, Lily, Eve, and I drew pictures. You’ll never guess what Lily drew…


(Top left: Mrs. Brown, top middle: Mom, top right: Dad, bottom: JustusDog face)

Lily drew Justus’ tail in the middle of his body!Disappointed smile

It is so adorable!

Then Mom called us down for the advent. Charity found it AGAIN!Surprised smile


So Mom was impressed with her poem, but I think Eve could’ve done better.Rolling on the floor laughing

We looked on Pinterest for ideas.


We girls were all so excited about this, until Mom said we couldn’t paint our own nails.Sad smile It was very frustrating at first but then Mom and Keona did a better job than I would have, so oh well.Winking smile


Here is a picture of all our nails.


I think Keona’s look so nice!


Pretty right?


These ones are mine.


After we were done we ate kinder eggs and watched our Amazing race.

Then at about 11:00 I finally fell asleep.Sleepy smile

Awesome, right?

Anyway I’ve got to go, Mom said I’m taking too long.Smile

I think that as long as there are emoticons I would blog forever.In love


Okay, bye!Be right back



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  1. I am really enjoying your Advent recaps Prayer. You write very well.


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