Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1 Week Until Christmas Eve!

After I finish this post you will understand why we didn’t do an advent…

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Maybe you will be able  to tell what happened from the X-ray.

I’ll start from the beginning…

Yesterday morning I woke up like any other day, and we ate breakfast.

Then me and Mom ran to Osh-Kosh, and grabbed wrapping paper at Target.

When we got home we cleaned up a bit, then Lily went to nap and the other kids did stuff downstairs.

I was on the computer and I heard Lily crying. I thought, ”Oh, she’s probably upset that we can’t fix her nightlights.”

Then Mom went up to check on her, and Lily said she had swallowed a battery!Disappointed smile

(She found Ella’s flashlight that Mom told her to throw out and took it all apart.)

Everybody started freaking out. Ella started to cry, Mom got Lily dressed right away and we girls got Addy in the car seat.Then Mom texted Dad. Mom told me to get my shoes on and help Lily into the van. Then Mom put Addy in the car, and she drove us to the hospital.

On the way I sat with Lily and we had a very long conversation about why you don’t eat batteries, and you don’t put anything into your mouth that isn’t food.

I kept telling her that she shouldn’t put things into her mouth and she said “If you say that again I will not listen to you.”

Oops. She was very tired.

Once we got to the hospital, we waited in the emergency room for about 10 minutes, and then Mom and Lily went in to get the registration form. After that we went to wait for Lily to get an x-ray.

I waited with Addy while Mom took Lily in to get her x-ray.

While I was waiting Addy got fussy. So I took her out of the car seat. A little kid tried to touch her but I moved because the poor kid was sick. Then mom and Lily came out. Mom said Lily would have to see a doctor.

So we waited in the first waiting room for about an hour and a half.

At one point while we were waiting Lily held on to Mom’s face and said, “I like you, Jaclyn.” Disappointed smile

Haha. Mom explained that she doesn’t call her “Jaclyn” and Lily just said, “Oh, I thought that was your name…”

Then the nurse called Lily out.

So we went to see the doctor and he said that the battery had passed through the esophagus.

It was in her stomach. So we just have to wait for it to pass.

It was a very long wait at the hospital.

When we got into the car the first thing Lily said was, “When I get home can I put on pyjamas ?”

Me and Mom laughed.Open-mouthed smile

When we got home the first thing she did was put on her sleeper.Smile

Then Dad took her to the bathroom while Mom and I ate dinner.

Dad called up and said, “Lily says she is just sad ‘cause its raining today.” Poor exhausted 3 year old.Sad smile

Then Lily ate dinner. By time we were done everything it was too late for an advent. So we watched  a show instead. We’ll have a fun advent today I’m sure.Smile

That about sums up yesterday.

I will blog again either tomorrow or tonight.


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