Friday, October 17, 2014

Making Fun of Mom and Such

I don’t know what I’d do without my girls. Seriously. Last weekend was Thanksgiving, but my sister had to work so we decided to change the date so that she could be here. After a weekend away, and then a long weekend, we were a few lessons behind on the school work, house work, groceries, laundry… Yep, just about everything. Then our washer decided to die. Like, sounded as if it were about to explode, sent-little-kids-screaming-and-running-down-the-stairs kind of died. Lily explained to me that it was saying, “Fix me! Fix me!” Sadly, it’s just not worth the price of fixing this time. So, I got up early today and took Eve, Ella, and Addy grocery shopping for our late Thanksgiving dinner. Two stores and a few hundred dollars later we came home to a clean house. Now let me clarify that this is NOT the norm. I have had my fair share of “Mom, so and so is doing such and such!” phone calls. Followed by denial in the background and me threatening to lock them all in their rooms when I get home if they don’t get along and let Scott sleep. (Just kidding about the locking them in their rooms part. Kinda.) But the odd time, they decide to do all of the Thursday chores while I’m out (Thursday is our big clean up day) and surprise me. I like that kind of surprise.

Even if it was only because they wanted me to take them to the library after I got back from shopping for a new washer and dryer with Scott…

Last weekend we were able to get out and do our family pictures for the Christmas card. I don’t want to share many yet, because… well, because I like keeping them a surprise for the card! But I posted this one of my kids on Instagram…


The glare from the sun was so strong that I couldn’t really make out much on my display at the time, but when we got home and I saw Ella… it gave me a good laugh. Apparently she thought that everyone was posing. That same, sweet little Ella told me how much she likes to cuddle with me the other night. In her words, “I love to cuddle on your shoulder. It’s so comfy. It has lots of chub!” As she snuggled in.

Um… thanks?

She really did mean it as a compliment though. Haha!

I have to share one more picture from the shoot. I wouldn’t have even thought to take this, but Keona requested a picture with her Dad.


She loves him. And it doesn’t get much sweeter than watching my husband with his girls.

Ok… one more… I can’t resist!

I decided to do one of Scott with his 7 daughters, but everyone was getting really cold and annoyed. I begged them to co-operate for just a few more frames and Scott cracked some joke about me. NOTHING makes my kids laugh harder than Scott making fun of me for some reason.

It runs in the family…


And then we left and got McDonald’s ice cream on the way home, because everyone wants to eat ice cream when they’re freezing cold!


My birthday necklace came in the mail this week! It says each of my babies’ names, and has each of their birthstones. Well, actually it’s currently missing one birthstone, but The Vintage Pearl was great about correcting it and has already mailed it out!


Eve has become my go-to photographer when I’m in a shot. She has been taking Addy’s monthly pics and has shown a real interest in photography.

 first 4 months

I love that she takes in-between shots. They’re usually my faves…


She’s currently practicing using my camera in manual mode.

Lily was not very co-operative for pictures. She’s not very co-operative for much lately. I put her to bed the other night and she kept insisting that she “doesn’t know how to sleep”…

I told her she may have to go see the doctor and she says, “Noooo! I don’t want to go to the doctor!” Seeing as she’s never had a bad experience, I asked her why not. Her reply, “Because I want to go to the vet!”


She can be sweet too though. (See… Sour Patch Kid) She hugged Scott the other morning and asked if she could sing him a song. He said, “Sure. I love when you sing!” She then proceeded to sing the song “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living…” and then she changed the last line to, “I’ll love you da-ddy!”

Really wish I had that on video.

Well, it’s late and I’m getting up early to finish decorations for Thanksgiving with the girls. Until next week…


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