Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Family Maternity Session

Six days before Addy was born we managed to get our family/maternity session done. We’ve never had a photo shoot done while I was pregnant and I really wanted some pictures to remember the belly.

Here are few of my favourites from the session…


I love being pregnant.

I don’t miss the sick and exhausted feeling, but I miss the belly. I miss falling asleep to a baby kicking. I miss the anticipation and excitement about a new life…


But I am so thankful for the family God has blessed us with.

4 copy

We actually managed to get all 8 looking at the camera without photo-shopping any heads! We may have bribed them with ice cream on the way home if they co-operated.

I never dreamed of having 9 children…


A few shots of me and my hunny…


I couldn’t have asked for a better partner through my pregnancies. From late night runs for cheese burgers or slushies, and keeping a house with 8 kids pretty much silent so I could have an afternoon nap…

70 bw

… to telling me I look beautiful on a daily basis, and being incredibly understanding when I just wasn’t getting things done that I normally would…


He’s pretty awesome.


Well, most of the time…



Trying to figure out where to put his hands…


I am so glad that we were able to get these done before Addy arrived. (Thanks for fitting us in, Stef!) It ended up being a lot closer than we thought!


I went to the OB’s a few months ago and saw another doctor because mine was on vacation. He asked me to go over my previous pregnancies and it sounded something like this,

“A 37 week girl by emergency c-section; 35 week identical triplet girls by scheduled c-section; a 40+ week boy, failed VBAC and emergency c-section; 38 week boy by scheduled c-section; 38 week girl by scheduled c-section; miscarriage at 14 weeks; 35 week girl by c-section after preterm labour; ectopic pregnancy with rupture and right tube removed; current pregnancy.”

He looked at me and said, “Wow… You have quite the prenatal history!”


It wasn’t all planned. It didn’t all go as we had hoped. But it was all a part of God’s plan, He saw us through it, and I wouldn’t trade it.


  1. What great pics. We have 9 children as well and I enjoy trying to get some family pics too what wonderful memories. God continue to bless your beautiful family. I so enjoy reading about you all. It reminds me of our family in so many ways.


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