Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Month Summed Up

It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by already.

photo (23)

I knew that I wanted to do a month by month photo project like I did with Lily, but I hadn’t decided how or what exactly I was going to do yet. I kinda wish I had a belly and newborn shot in this same position… but months 1-12 will have to do! Eve is actually responsible for reminding me each month, and for taking the photographs. She has become quite interested in photography and she practices with my camera every chance she gets.

Here’s another one that she took of Addy and I recently…


My baby is a cuddler. I can’t really blame her… I’d much rather sleep cuddled up to Scott than in a bed by myself. So far, she is not a fan of her crib. She spends the majority of the night snuggled up to my side. We’ll start gradually making the transition now that she is sleeping more than 2 hours in between feeds at night.


She has officially outgrown all of her “preemie” sizes and is filling out the newborn outfits. She loves car rides, and being in the sling when we’re out.

She has had some visitors over the last few weeks…


Aunty Sarah and Adam have been out to see her a few times. The older kids convinced us to take them to the park on the hottest day of summer and I had a lady tell me that she “could just eat the baby!” Haha… Definitely gave me and my sister a laugh.

photo 3 (5)

My grandma and great grandma also came out to meet Addy. Mama (Addy’s great-great grandma) couldn’t wait to hold her. One of the kids carried her out of the room at one point and Mama started looking around and asking, “Where’s the baby gone?” I’m pretty sure she would have held her all night if Addy hadn’t wanted to eat.


photo 2 (7)

Lily loves looking through my photo albums. There is a picture of grandma Joy with her arms crossed in one of them and Lily always turns to that page when we talk about her. Grandma got a good laugh out of Lily’s impression of her!

Speaking of Lily…

She was my first girl to be born with hair. She was also an answer to my prayer for a girl with curly hair like mine. I love her curls. I especially love(d) the one that hangs down in front of her face all the time…

DSC_1184 copy

Yep, that one…

Last weekend she got up before everyone else and decided to go into the older girls’ room to wake them up like she does all the time. Sadly, somewhere along the way she found a pair of scissors…


…and she snipped off that adorable little curl in the front and gave herself some seriously short and crooked bangs. :(  

It really could have been a lot worse. I’m so thankful that the rest of her hair was still up in a ponytail from the day before. I can only imagine the damage she would have done if it was all down. You can kinda see the bangs in the Instagram picture of her with Grandma Joy above. It still makes me sad every morning when I do her hair!

On another note, three of the kids had a blast at VBS last week! This was for crazy hat day.


Ella wanted a Rapunzel hat...


Jeddy wanted a race car one…


And Elijah wanted to be a tree with a parrot in it. (He was on the parrot team)


The girls were such a huge help making these! After about 2 hours of working on them Keona says, “Now I see why you just made me make my own hat when I was in VBS!”


Yes, I didn’t have 4 older daughters to help me then- I had 4 toddlers running around!

I think they did a good job. The girls came up with some pretty creative ideas!

And just because I’m sure she’ll be thrilled I’m going to share one last story…

When my aunt was getting ready to leave the other night, Prayer ran inside to get a pie for her to take home. Prayer came running out the door, down the front steps, and said, “Here… catch!” As she pretended to throw the pie box to her. Only problem was… the pie didn’t stop moving when she stopped the box. We watched in slow motion as the entire pecan pie slid out of the box, into the air, and landed upside down on the front lawn.


“I wasn’t going to actually throw the pie!”

That’s Prayer for you…




I’ll be back with pictures from our family photo shoot that we had done right before Addy was born!

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