Friday, July 11, 2014

My People

The day that we arrived home from the hospital with Addy, I couldn’t have been more excited. The kids had each been able to see her quickly at the hospital, but Charity was the only one who got to hold her. Quite honestly, it was sad and a little bit scary to see her hooked up to wires and machines… So to finally have our baby at home where they could hold her and kiss her – I couldn’t wait!

We let them hold her in order from youngest to oldest.

Lily calls her “my baby”. When they came to visit us at the hospital, I went out to meet them at the van and Lily saw me and said, “Where’s my Addy!?!?” I brought her into the hospital (and she looked absolutely adorable in her Sunday best) and she was adored by all the nurses! She reached into the incubator to hold Addy’s hand and said, “My baby’s coming home to sleep in my crib?” Broke my heart to have to bring her back out to the van, say goodbye, and send her home without her baby… so this was special.


She was so amazed by everything about Addy. “Look at her tiny nose! Her have tiny hands! And tiny lips! Addy’s so CUTE! I have to kiss her…” She continued pointing out all things “tiny” for the rest of the day. :)


Excuse the hair… this was first thing in the morning and I need my tea before tackling such tasks.

Ella doesn’t remember when Lily was a baby. So this was all new to her. She commented everyday on my “ginormous” belly (which she was so kind to point out was still “big” when I came home.. haha) she loved feeling the baby kick, and couldn’t wait to hold her new brother or sister.


She still smiles like that every time she holds her. One night we were all up a bit late and Ella was holding Addy. She said, “Cuddling Addy makes me feel like falling asleep cause she’s so comfy!” Five minutes later we looked over and Ella was asleep sitting up with Addy in her arms. But seriously… she’s already a pro at rocking her to sleep.


Her tiny fingers!


The boys are slightly competitive. About everything. They even debate over who holds the baby better, who is better at putting her to sleep, and who mom lets hold her while she isn’t in the room… They are both pretty good big brothers.


Elijah claims that he’s never getting married and having kids, but in his words, he “can’t stop giving Addy kisses!” Elijah likes to cuddle her when she’s quiet and sleeping. Jeddy tries to take her whenever she’s upset. He likes to rock her and try to put her to sleep. She’s got the best of both worlds. Until she is big enough to start breaking their lego sets… ;)


The triplets have been debating about who will be her favourite for my entire pregnancy. They say that Eve gets the babies because they always like her best. Prayer is best with the toddlers and Charity is better with the older kids because she’s the most patient. Which is mostly true… Eve was always the one to put Lily to sleep when she was a baby, and now as a toddler- Prayer is definitely her best buddy. Lily wakes up in the morning and yells, “Somebody! Somebody come get me!” If no one comes, or they aren’t quick enough for her liking… Then she turns to, “Prayer! PRAYER! PRAYER!!!”


Really, they are all pros.


Addy will never lack attention!


Keona is my helper around here. This all comes naturally to her now. She has been through several of my pregnancies, births, and babies- all that she’s old enough to remember. She was almost 2 when the triplets were born and she would try to help me then by sitting her toys on their heads, hugging them a little too tight, or pushing the swings a little too fast…We were laughing about all of those memories the other day, but she’s a pretty amazing helper now.


I was telling Scott that I feel like I’m living my dream.

Our life is far from perfect. We have things I wish I could change and can’t. We have arguments. We have kids that fight, scream, tattle, and disobey sometimes.

We have problems.

But I can’t think of anyone’s problems I’d rather have. Or anyone else I’d rather share them with.

Our home… is my safe place.

I’m so incredibly grateful for each and every person that I’m so blessed to share it with.


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  1. Congratulation and God's blessings to you all! I so enjoy reading your blogs because I can relate to you; having 9 children too. Keep up the good work:-)♥


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