Friday, May 30, 2014

The Countdown is On…

And I’m actually blogging…

I really do miss journaling. It’s just that every time I go to blog, something else seems more inviting. Usually it involves sleeping. Or food…

We’re still waiting on an exact due date (the upside to having a scheduled c-section) but baby will be here in less than 30 days! It could be more like 20- but we’ll see. Have I mentioned how much I love the surprise of not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl!? The kids have tried to convince me to find out – but I held strong! I even turned my head several times during ultrasounds to make sure that I didn’t accidentally see something. :)

32 weeks

I feel like I’m finally ready for the baby to arrive. I just finished my last session and we finished school two weeks ago. Well, everyone except Ella… but she just needs some extra reading practice over the summer. Crib and car seat are ready to go. I just gave 7 kids summer haircuts today! (Keona got hers about a month ago) Lily got about an inch taken off to even out the ends. I don’t think I’ve ever cut one of my girls’ hair at the age of 2…

danica and lily

Some major house projects are finished…

Ella and Lily’s room got a makeover.

before and after

(Yep… the room was completely trashed for the before picture. That’s reality for ya…)

Dining room chairs were finished in time for Ella’s 6th birthday party!


She had to invite Oma- seeing as it was a tea party and all!


Ella can be quite the little princess. Generally sweet- she is very easy to spoil. She had to be reminded after all of the birthday celebrations that everything she had been given was a gift and a blessing. A quick talk (and a little reminder not to be selfish) and she was back to her normal sharing ways.


I love the way she loves her little sister.

Even though Lily calls Ella her “baby sister”… She also calls Eve “Mommy Jr.” and me her “hunny”.


Our backyard still needs work… I was working out there with the kids one day last week and decided that the lawn needed to be cut. Like, right away. Scott was on his way to work, but I figured I could handle it so I asked Elijah to bring the lawnmower around back. I’ve never actually used said lawnmower, but how hard can it be? When I went to turn on the lawnmower, I realized that I didn’t know how to start it. I knew it had something to do with the cable, but could not remember what. I pulled that thing as hard as I could a good 10-15 times. If there were any neighbours watching out your back windows… You’re welcome for the laugh. Finally I gave in and decided to call Scott to ask how to start it. I didn’t really want to call him, because I knew he wouldn’t be happy that I was mowing the lawn. Or that I was using his lawnmower… We had a very quick conversation, in which he tried to convince me to wait and let him do it tomorrow and then refused to tell me how to start it. I got off the phone frustrated, but determined to cut the grass which was beginning to look like a jungle to my overly-hormonal and nesting self. As I stood there googling how to start the lawnmower- Jeddy came over and said, “I’m pretty sure you just hold this handle and pull the string, Mom…” Sure enough, the lawnmower started! No googling necessary and I could look out the back windows without cringing.


We have a lot planned for the next three weeks to keep me busy. (And away from Scott’s power tools!) Today, I booked eye appointments for 7 kids. That should be a fun morning. We have trips to Mississauga and Hamilton planned. We have a trip to Wonderland booked and a recital for the four oldest girls the next day. A wedding. Weekly visits to my doctor… There are so many events that the kids are looking forward to that I’m sure the next few weeks are going to fly by! I am so thankful for this sweet and unexpected blessing. I thank God all the time while I lie in bed at night feeling the baby kick for this little one that we truly didn’t even dream of having.


Looking forward to all the fun we have planned over the next couple of weeks, and then… a baby!


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