Friday, September 13, 2013

“Best Birthday Ever!”


About a month ago, we had a bin dropped off in our driveway to get rid of all the junk taking up our basement. I couldn’t get over the number of toys we either threw out, or put in a pile for Goodwill. Our kids have such an abundance of things. Such an abundance of unnecessary, unused, forgotten-about stuff. Since completing the purge, I decided to take more time, throw away less money, and so something more memorable for birthdays.


I was stuck when Jeddy’s started approaching. It would be so easy to buy him a new toy airplane, or truck, or train. I fought the urge to give-in and prayed that God would help me find something to make his birthday special and memorable. That weekend, we drove by the Buttonville airport and for the first time I noticed a sign advertising “Sight-Seeing Flights”. Thank you, Lord! I knew it was the perfect gift. Jeddy has loved airplanes since he was a toddler. He has wanted to be a pilot for as long as he’s been able to speak. See here and here… So on Monday morning, I called and booked the flight for his birthday. Grandma and great-grandpa pitched in, and we spent less than I would have on toys that would soon be forgotten.

Note: I’m not against toys… He still used his birthday money from us and great-grandpa to buy a new Lego set and Keona bought him a few model airplanes from the prop shop at the airport. I am against buying stuff just because you feel obligated to buy something. My boys play with their Lego every single day. Jeddy also has a collection of airplanes that have come with him to hospital when having an asthma attack and he proudly displays them on his dresser most days.


We told him about two weeks prior, that we had a big surprise for him on his birthday! So the anticipation had been building for some time. The morning of his birthday, he requested “pancakes bigger than his head" for breakfast. I made him three. I think it was the first time I’ve seen him NOT be able to finish a meal. :) Then we headed out for the surprise.

Here was his reaction…

When he looks off to the side, he was looking at his brother and sisters to see if we were tricking him.

Here he is in the plane…


About halfway through the flight Scott texted me that he was sick. Haha. I’m sorry. I mean, poor Scott… :P The boys both had a blast and Scott felt sick for the rest of the day.

photo (18)

Jeddy declared it the “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER” several times and cannot wait until his 14th birthday when he can go get his student pilot license.

Just for memory-sake, I have to mention how much Jeddy adores his big brother. He was so excited that Elijah got to go with him. When I took him out shopping to get his Lego set he kept saying, “I can’t wait to get home and build this with Elijah!” I absolutely love their relationship. Well, except when they’re wrestling in my living room or trying out new karate moves on eachother…

photo (20)

Can’t believe my little monkey is 7!

The other day he came over and hugged me around the waist like he always does, looked up at me and said, “Mom, I just can’t stop lovin’ you. It’s impossible!”

mom and jed

Ella took this picture and I did not pose him in any way. He always asks me, “Mom, can you give me a kiss?”

Jeddy has such a sweet and giving spirit. He is a people person. He loves doing new things, meeting new people, eating new food, and finding unusual bugs and animals. I couldn’t adore him more.

Love you my little man.

Happy 7th Birthday!



  1. His reaction is perfect!!! Great idea!!

  2. Future MAF pilot, perhaps?

  3. Great idea I'm always trying to think of something other than toys as well.mother of 8 and one on the way.


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