Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I’m pretty sure that most people have heard of this show. I don’t know that I’ve ever sat through an entire episode, but the first round- the one where people get sucker punched into a mud pit, and inevitably fly off the big red balls… that’s my favourite. If Scott knows I’m having a bad night, he sends me a link to a fail video on YouTube. I blame my grandfather for my sense of humour. I still remember when we were playing catch and I ran for the ball, “Got it! Got it!” and it went right through my hands and off my face… Before he even asked if I was ok – he laughed! So in my defense, I come by it naturally.

ANYWAYS.. back to the real story.

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So I was out on the porch chatting with Scott while he cleaned the car. Keona and Lily were playing around on the front lawn, and Justus was chained to the railing. I decided that I would take the girls and the dog for a quick walk around the block and kill two birds with one stone by tiring Lily and Justus both out for their naps. :) I casually unhooked his leash as I talked to Scott and had my back turned to the dog who was just chilling in front of the steps. I saw Lily head around the side of the house, and I watched as Keona followed her. What I didn’t see was a guy walking down the sidewalk in front of our house with his dog…

All of a sudden I felt a tug on the leash and as I tried to turn and get my footing, the dog took off. Being the brilliant person that I am- I tightened my grip on the leash. I think that for a split second I believed that I could hold him back…tripping over my feet and all.


I fell down two steps and then my knees hit the pavement. I thought to myself, “Ouch, that was bad.” But it didn’t stop there… He proceeded to run and drag me, on my stomach, arms outstretched, like a cartoon, across 10 feet of lawn. I have the grass stains and bruises to prove it… When we finally stopped, I looked up and saw that I was at the feet of a guy with his dog. Meanwhile, Justus was still tugging at the leash and I was still lying on the grass. I saw Scott come around the truck with a very confused look on his face and he just stood there and stared for what seemed like an ETERNITY until I finally said, “Ummm, can you please take the leash so I can get up?” He grabbed the leash and dealt with the dog while I got up and brushed off my shirt. After the guy had asked me if I was OK several times, and told me how strong my dog was, (as if I hadn’t just witnessed it firsthand) I politely excused myself and said that I was going to go inside and clean up my knees.

As I was walking in the door he shouted, “Hey! Didn’t I see you guys in the newspaper!?”

Ha… Exactly how I wanted to be remembered. ;)


As a side note, I don’t think Justus knew that I had his leash. He has never pulled me like that before. We let the kids walk him (with one of us there) and he has never been a problem. When I went inside he came over to me and put his head up to my chest and then on my lap as if to apologize. We took him out several times that day and the following weekend, and no further incidences.

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He really does love me…

On Saturday night, Scott and I were walking him to the park when a lady in a van stopped us to ask questions about him. She ended by saying, “He’s just so huge! If he wanted to go, you’d just be dragging behind!”

Scott and I both chuckled at how accurate her statement was…

And that is my wipeout story.

I am much relieved that there were no cameras around. My 13 year old laughing at me was bad enough. Though I can’t really blame her!

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  1. That was TOO FUNNY!!! (sorry)

    My daughter loved this one too. she keeps saying big puppy.

  2. Hello there. Somewhat interesting, I was googling myself this morning just to see what comes up, if I need to adjust privacy settings, etc, something I do on occasion. This website came up in my search results. I have never ran across another person online or in real life with the last name Polhamus other than those who were are directly related to here in West Virginia and Virginia in the US.


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