Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Photo-a-Day


Another month gone by…

This month has been BUSY! We’ve had birthdays, weddings, finding a new church building, cleaning out bedrooms, cleaning out our basement… We have worked hard. My back aches… and my back never aches. The kids have been such a huge help moving things around. The boys helped me put together three Ikea dressers. Let me just say, I hope that the people who work at Ikea assembling furniture make good money. Because seriously… There were hundreds of pieces and chapters of instructions to put together a simple three drawer dresser. The kids thought it was great though. Their favourite part: When I would just barely start all the little nails to hold the back on and they got to hammer them in. Prayer hit almost every single one sideways. The boys were pretty good at it. Ella… Ella is a beast. One shot for every nail. It brought back memories of when I was a kid and my Grandpa would take twice as long to put something together just so that I could help him. Fun memories…

july 2013

We were playing Catan, and Scott and Prayer were driving me INSANE with their fake accents! Prayer was speaking in her Irish accent and Scott says, “Wow- You’re pretty good at that!”

To which Prayer replies, “Want to know where I learned it? From a Mandie book that I read! The entire story takes place in Ireland.”

That’s right. She picked up an accent from reading a book…

Speaking of accents… One more quick story! And yes, the triplets are crazy, loud, sometimes obnoxious, and most of the time hilarious.

Charity and I were out grocery shopping and she was talking in her English accent. Not quietly, but loud enough for everyone around to hear her. I kept asking her to stop, but she was making me laugh so hard that she knew I wasn’t serious. I threatened to kick her in the behind to no avail. When we were near people, she got louder. Apparently it’s super fun to embarrass Mom. So we get to the checkout and she is blabbering away in her accent and everyone in front of us and behind is looking at her. Meanwhile, she is convinced that everyone must think she is actually from England. I decided to have some fun… I picked up the giant box of diapers that we were buying and as I put them on the conveyor belt I said, “Charity, when are you going to stop wetting the bed!?” Nice and loud.

Her jaw dropped as she stared at me, and then she burst out laughing, “Now everyone’s going to think those diapers are for me, Mommy!” In her best English accent… It didn’t work quite as well as I had planned.

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