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I could use some... in more ways than one. It seems like it never stops and yet, there's never enough.

Some people never change and yet everyone is always changing.

From the second your first cell divides within your mother's womb, you change hour after hour until the day you die. Even after we die, composing turns to decomposing, and we move further and further from what we were. Vibrating dust turns to still dust, and yet we are still dust. The dryness of death slowly removes all the moisture absorbed in life, and we become as though we never were. We are never the same two days in a row physically. Every day brings its change.


The natural world is always in a whirlpool of cycle, moving from something to something else. The oceans rise through the sky and drop down the leaves of the trees on the shore. Food chains and water tables, seasons and lunar cycles, all changing in harmony all the time.Yet, though nature always changes it only changes within the limits of its consistency.

Soon it will be fall. It's always fall at that time of year. That doesn't change. After the leaves have fallen, and the frost has crept across the prepared land, the animals will hide, the squirrels will horde their spoils, fatten up, and we will welcome winter. This winter will be different from the last, but this winter will be within its availability to change according to the consistency of the Guide of nature - He who does not change. Four seasons, all prescribed and promised, each yielding its planned change. For without this constant change nothing would ever be the same.


I watch as my babies change and change and change. One is at this stage, and another at that. One is at a change that is new, and another, we just wait to see the same change take place again. They are different, and yet the same. Their baby accent becomes classy deep vocabulary. Their thin light hair becomes thick glorious compliment to that which their personal metamorphosis conforms them toward. The excitement of a little child becomes the vibrant glow of a transfigured perfection. Must they change? Oh how I would to hold them so close again, as they dream their baby dreams and rest as though the world has no harm. As a baby, their vibrancy of peace as they sleep yields a sweet spirit of rest all around them. But things have changed some. Thank God, the changes have not come too quickly. Every day has its changes.

DSC_0043 copy

I settle now my heart upon a hand to hold. I long for a sweet look across the table as we step together through life. We each continue to change a little everyday, yet never further apart. Though we change, and though we move to and fro, our distance of heart need not change. Our souls need not divide though are paths may for a time. I love them just the same, my changing children, and believe they love me even more now, and even more on purpose.

People change, but they are still who they are. You are still you, though you may have changed a lot. You are still that baby who was guarded and loved, cherished and adored. That place never changes with God either. We are still but children, resting sweetly in the peace that there can be no harm, smiling up with excitement at His presence, though we probably don't understand much. God's love will never change. It is there for you as long as you have breath to accept it. Receive His love, like a child receives the embrace of a father, or the sweet care of a mother. In this world full of change, there is a consistent carrier of peace to those of us bouncing upon the waves, and that carrier is the love of God.

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Were we really meant for change? Man was placed into a perpetually perfect place, without error or corruption. He was made in a matured form, without the purpose of decaying or growing old. "Old" was an idea never thought. Yet the curiosity and discontent of the desire of mankind would not fail in its move towards self-destruction. Perhaps change is inevitable in this place. Maybe the desire to change while living in constant fear and distain for it is our grafted in bipolar way of refusing to take root, and stand still, and become a part of where we are placed. It's in our nature to fluctuate. It's in our heart to jump from discontent to discontent. It drives us to observe and enjoy and despise. We seek though we need not seek. We change our styles and wall colours and car freshener scent, not because it must be done, but because we must do it. Change, for purpose or for pleasure, it is in our will's constant design.


A consistent change is okay to us. That kind is really not all that much of a change. It's the "change ups" that really spin us to our knees. When we are fooled by the topspin on the ball, and we go making errors like a rookie, that change is not comfortable. We want things to move, and life to take place in a way that doesn't surprise us, or challenge us, or cause us any shame. What enjoyment can come from a life without risk or reward? What challenge is a challenge without challenge? There is no victory in facing a battle that can't be lost or an enemy that can't destroy you! Yes your world is about to change, and yes there will be no going back to the way it was, but what possibilities rest in a place that never changes? What excitement and vibrancy comes from a tomb of death, left untouched for countless years, uselessly housing the treasures of a life? There is no value possible without change. It must be done. It must happen. There is no other way to shine unless that which has set dormant be uncovered and rise from the ashes.


Sometimes the change is necessary. Let change breed her perfecting work. Let her smooth the stone. Let her carve the die, and produce the product that your substance has potential to perform. Let her renovate your life, and transfigure your carnal existence into a glimpse of the future possibilities. Glory only comes with the glorifying, and glorifying only comes when we shall be changed.


Change not for the sake of change, but for the sake of an efficient and excellent existence. Don't settle, move forward. Don't be discontent with the will of God by being content with the well watered fields you were supposed to have pass through. Move. Change. See that you go forward, through the parted waters, though life will never be the same, because only in that permanent God ordered transforming change can you become the glorious matured creation you were intended to be. Every day has His change.

What change should you make today?

"Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God." - Psalms 55:19


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