Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up on Life

We were blessed to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing family vacation last week. We rented a beautiful 4 bedroom beachfront cottage and loved every minute of it. Waking up to the biggest bay window I’ve ever seen, overlooking the sunrise on a lake, may have been my favourite part. I have a TON of photos, and video of the kids enjoying the private beach. Not to mention our dog being a HUGE chicken and Scott having to throw him in the water… So many memories for the kids. So many answered prayers… I will blog about it!

But for now, we’re playing catch up. I’m editing sessions every spare moment once the kids are in bed, weeds are taking over the gardens, laundry is piled high, window locks have broken, a van door just about fell off, light bulbs burnt out, the washer is making a strange noise (I think there may be a Lego man stuck in the gears), the dishwasher has decided to only work every other cycle… Oh, and we have a newspaper coming to photograph and interview us in two days. Life goes on. Our vacation was perfect, and blessed, and peaceful, but right now it’s back to reality for us!

I did however, take a few minutes while a recent session was uploading to throw together my daily Instagrams from June.

I love documenting life – even if it is just with my iPhone…

june 2013

I’ll be back soon with photos and hopefully a video of our vacation!

P.S. Pray that nothing else breaks between now and then… :)

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