Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here We Go!

Today, my baby turned 13.

We officially have a teenager living in our house. I know this will sound cliché, and everyone says it… but seriously, where has the time gone!?!? It seems like just yesterday that Scott and I were sitting in Greenwood Park dreaming about what our kids would look like. Or chatting in the Scarborough Town Centre food court about who’s eyes she would have. My only request was that she DIDN’T get Scott’s toes. Sorry Keona…

sink bath

I sat at the kitchen table tonight with Keona, my mom, and my little brother. We talked and laughed about all sorts of things. Somehow we got on the topic of how a little over a year ago, Keona went through a very moody phase. I was constantly telling her to “fix her face” and “cheer up!”

She said, “Oh yeah, that was annoying!”

I told her, “Your face was annoying!”

We both had a good laugh over that memory. I am ever so thankful that she passed through the I-just-want-to-be-by-myself-black-is-my-favourite-colour-leave-me-alone phase! Though her loud and hyper giddiness can be overwhelming and slightly irritating at times – I would gladly take it over mood swings any day!

mom and keona

Summer 2009

Since the day that we brought the triplets home from the hospital, she has been my little (now big) helper. Even with the mood swings here and there… :)

I think about my relationship with my mom, and how she will just drop by with a tea sometimes and we can sit and chat for hours… I look forward to having that relationship with my girls. I got to take Keona out shopping today. She bought jewellery, clothes (pinks and purples –not black!), and books. I do cherish my time alone with each of my kids – but I’m beginning to realize how fleeting it is. We only have four more years before she heads off to college or university. Four years…

Scott took her out for a lunch date and this is how he replied to my phone call… :P


My mom took her out shopping where she got more clothes, shoes, jewellery, lip gloss, perfume, and of course – more books! All of the typical teenage girly stuff. I am so proud of Keona already. I am glad that she is confident enough to stand up for herself, and others, when she feels someone is being wronged. Even if it means saving some frogs from boys who were killing them for fun, and then having to run to her Uncle Robbie when said boy threatens to punch her for releasing the frogs. (You go girl!) I have seen her mature a lot in the past year and a half. I am excited to watch her grow. Since she was born, we have been doing our very best to prepare her to leave. I’m continually challenged and encouraged by her heart for God, and above all else, I can’t wait to see where He leads her. I am so thankful that He chose me to be her Mom.

bday pic

People always told us, “Just wait until you have your own!”

Then it was, “Well, just wait until you have more than one!”

Next came, “Just wait until you have a boy!”

And now we hear, “Just wait until you have teenagers!”

Well… here we go!

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  1. Good Luck!! I have a feeling you all will do just fine. Yes there will be hard days, weeks but I think it will be okay. Happy birthday! She is so beautiful.


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