Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2012

ella fall3

It’s so hard to choose ONE photo when I have taken hundreds of my own family, along with thousands of other people and their families. So I’ll just say that this is one of my favourites. :)

My little Ella-boo hates sitting still for pictures…

I convinced her to go for a walk with me one day during the fall. It was windy and freezing, but she co-operated for this shot. The very next frame she was pouting – but at least I got one!

Photo Challenge Submission

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lily’s 1st year

We didn’t forget to include Lily in our review of 2012… She just didn’t have much to say. :)

I loved putting together this quick overview of her first year…

lilys first year collage

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review





My favourite part was going to that park in London… and going down the slides and swingin’ on the swings. And the horses… Riding on the horses was my favourite too.

DSC_0850[6]ella horse back riding[5]

(the park that was her favourite! lol)


Getting a new dog because I like to play with him. Going on rides at Wonderland. Getting a new church. It was fun going to North Bay. I liked going out fishing, catching the frogs, and roasting marshmallows. Our baby getting to turn 1. And going ‘bogganing (yesterday) cause it was fun and the big bump at the bottom of the hill went, “Waboom!” and bumped us in the air!


boy and his dog[5]


On the girls’ birthday, (which was one of my favourite parts of the year) the four girls were having a party… So that means that there were going to be lots of girls. So many that they freaked me out! So when the Browns came, me and Jeddy  asked if we could go to their house with them. (Of course, the girls were at the party) They said, “Yes!” So then I wasn’t scared anymore.

Another one of my favourite parts of the year was deputation. We went to lots of churches!  I liked going to North Bay. we had some friends there that we hadn’t seen in years! So we slept at their house. And we went fishing with Mr. Brooks! In Niagara Falls and London, we stayed in hotels. It was fun! We got to see the Streeters too! One of my last favourite parts was when we started a new church on September 30, 2012. On the first day, Me and one of the boys met eachother. His name was Luke and now he’s one of my best friends.

We went tobogganing yesterday. I was scared at first. Then I went down. Jeddy chickened out. I went down for the 15th time and when I got up at the bottom, a boy crashed into me and flipped me. Then we saw some friends!

2012 is over now and 2013 is just starting!

boys fishing[4]boys in bird kingdom[5]


I’m so thankful God has blessed us with another year. We’ve had so many joys throughout the year. My favourite part of this year was our deputation, along with starting Hope Baptist Church. Traveling all over Ontario and seeing friends from camp- another favourite. Seeing Niagara Falls for the first time was awesome! Watching the mist and boats… Dad got a hilarious new hat!

Another favourite was when we all went to a surprise birthday party for Nana. We decorated the house and I saw some family that I don’t think I’ve met before. When we were standing by the door waiting for Nana to come in, I noticed the hundreds of pairs of shoes and I thought, “Wow! That’s a lot of shoes!” We also had one of Mom’s favourite kinds of cake- Costco cake! Dad went to pick up the cake at one Costco but it was the wrong one. So he had to go the other Costco! I don’t know where they are… He still made it to the party on time.

I gradually thank God for all these joys in my life as we open up to a new year in 2013.

scott in niagara[5]DSC_0808



My favourite part was Niagara Fall. I liked holding the Birds at Bird Kingdom. I made new friends at the church there too. I also liked going to Lindsay in the country. I made friends there too and I liked playing with her in her club house. I also liked going to North Bay. We had a great tea party! I liked seeing the bears there too. I liked going to the church in Belleville. I met two friends there too. I liked when new neighbours moved in. We actually have girls our age to play with. And I like our new dog, Justus! He is so huge- I like everything about him.



(Eve’s pictures from her very own camera!)

eve tea party[5]



One of my favourite parts of this year is having a baby sister that I can play with everyday. She is so cute! She even cuddled me the other day. I also now have a loud, large, baby Great Dane. He is a lot of fun to chase and grab a hat from! Distributing flyers and starting our church was… interesting. During deputation, I made a lot of new friends. I even have a new penpal! For the first time ever, I went to Niagara Falls! It was fun to walk by the beautiful falls, and we got to ride ponies! I also made it to the finals of the lassoing contest at the church. There are many more things to tell, but I think I have done enough. I had a lot of fun at Easter though… when Prayer flipped right in front of the window at Dollarama and everyone was staring. I love you, Prayer! Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013!


justus with the kids


2012 was a truly amazing year. God blessed us so much. We’ve done so many things! I went to my 1st youth conference. We went on deputation and started a church. (It was my first year as a “PK!” – pastor’s kid) We went to Wonderland, North Bay, and so many other places. Lily turned one. I went to camp Y.E.S. as a “kid” for the last time. (This year I will be a “teen”) I went into my last year of school before high school. (So many “this was my last year” events)

Once again we had an amazing December, filled with joy and blessings – AND – tobogganing! Yesterday, for New Year’s Eve we went sledding on a huge hill at a golf course, and the Pallants (some friends from church) came too! It was amazing how it happened. They like in Markham, yet they came down to Pickering looking for a place to go sledding! So we got to sled with them for a half an hour. During that time, I went a hill on a different type of sled, it tipped, and I backwards summersaulted onto my head – which hurt – a lot. Then, as I was trudging back up the hill, with my sore head down, Eve comes sledding down the hill out of nowhere on a “death machine” (a disc). As I tried to leap out of her path, and my right knee went up and hit her in what I thought was her shoulder, it turned out to be the side of her head. OOPS! – sorry Eve. Oh, there’s one more thing, Mom missed it all! But apparently she can still picture it in her head – and she laughs every time.

Another thing in 2012 that I wouldn’t have to write down to remember – In earlyish December all of us were getting our very own day to be sick. Well Sunday turned out to be my day, and as I was standing there getting my hair done, feeling a little sick, and quite weak, everything started to grow fuzzy, and then dark, and then everything went black. Other than my sight, there was no difference in the way I felt so I thought it was my imagination… so I waved my hand in front of my face… I couldn’t see it! So frantically I told Mom, “Mom, Mom! I can’t see anything! I think I need to sit down!” So I sat down. Everything began to come back, then disappeared again, then returned again quickly. I thought I had passed out, but apparently I had remained conscious the entire time – about 5 minutes. It was the first time I had blacked out – I’ll never forget it.

I just remember one more thing – My Birthday.

The triplets and I decided that we would share a party, invite over 30 girls, and paint nails, drink tea, eat cake, and lots of junk food, and hang out with all of our friends. Some people couldn’t come, and some lived to far away to invite, but we had a great time.

My actual birthday was on a Sunday, and we were in Hamilton for our deputation that day. The churches we visited made me feel very special and I had a great day.


(at camp)


I thank God for making 2012 such a great year for us, and pray that this year will be too!


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