Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day


The excitement is over. The tree and decorations are packed away until next year.

And today…  I took a nap.

On Christmas morning, I got up at about 6am to put the turkey in the oven. I had seasoned it the night before so there was no need to turn lights on or make a big ordeal. I went downstairs half asleep, popped the pan in the oven, and with my eyes still half closed I stepped around the corner and bumped into a little body. In the pitch black.

“Whatcha doin, Mom?”

I screamed. The dog barked. Scott didn’t even bother to shout and see if it was a burglar or something. When I got back up to bed and my heart was still racing, he asked what the screaming was about. At least the dog had my back…

On to the fun part now!

These kids were spoiled. Under and around our tree was refilled 5 times. We spent literally hours watching them open presents over the last few days. Some of us enjoyed it. Some fell asleep during it. Scott… :P

christmas day 1

We had family and friends over for dinner once again. Have I mentioned how much I love hosting big dinners? The girls were a huge help! Keona made bread, Charity and Eve cleaned and vacuumed, Prayer helped me peel and chop two bags of carrots and 10lbs of potatoes, and Scott cleaned the bathrooms! Which totally makes up for sleeping through presents.

My mom and mom-in-law were both a huge help in the kitchen as well! Between us all we managed to feed 25 people and still have lots of leftovers. God has been so good to us, how could we not share what he’s given us with others?

christmas day 2

Enjoying the family time is always my favourite part. We had tea, the guys played some video games, and the kids enjoyed all their new gifts. Lily was getting slightly fussy. I think Danica may have been wondering what her problem was here…

christmas day 3

I hope everyone had an equally wonderful Christmas with people they love.

Looking forward to the New Year!

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