Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beautiful Light & Baby Tantrums

When I have too many things going on in my head, I tend not to blog. It’s almost like it would be work to sort out my thoughts and decide what I should blog. Not to mention, I have been slacking with my picture-taking.


My photography website got a facelift and is up and running!

But I haven’t made our Christmas card yet…

I have practiced the piano for over an hour today!

But there is school work waiting for me to grade…

I have a (mostly) clean house.

But I don’t know what I’m doing for dinner tomorrow night…

I have planned the girls’ music schedule for the next two months.

But we still haven’t gone apple picking this year…


Isn’t that just the way it goes? It seems like I’m continually having to sacrifice something for what I believe to be more important at the moment. So here I am trying to keep my priorities in order. I’m currently sacrificing an hour of sleep… :)

God has been so good; not that it’s a huge surprise! Jeddy got baptized 3 weeks ago. He was Scott’s first baptism.


It was so hot in the pool room! My lens fogged up immediately and I didn’t have enough time to clear it before Scott started baptizing.

We have been so encouraged by everyone praying for us and by our new church family. It’s amazing how we can fee like family with people we’ve only just recently met! God has answered several specific prayers that I had leading up to the church starting; and for that I am thankful.


Proud of their school projects!

I took the kids out to a new location recently to take some pictures. It was some of the most gorgeous light I have ever seen.

prayer flute

I wanted to get a picture of the girls playing their instruments but couldn’t quite figure out how to fit it all in the frame.

Charity started moving her sisters around, “You stand here, and you here, and you here… and I’ll stand… here!”


As she jumped in front of them all.

I love my girls.

Ella went with me to do some shots at another spot behind our house…

ella fall3

I have yet to do the boys’ pictures. I had planned to do it the same day as the girls’… but Elijah was holding Justus’ leash, and Justus decided to go for a run… Elijah fell forward and our “puppy” dragged him several meters across the ground before I could stop him. It was hilarious and I kinda wish I had taken a picture before I went to help him. But I was a good Mom instead! If you can call laughing hysterically, while I try to yell at the dog- a good mom.



Lily’s pictures are also waiting. She is currently cutting 4 teeth, two of which have broken through, and she refuses to co-operate with anything.


11 months old

Her new favourite word is “Up!” Which in the middle of the night, turns into, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuup! Up!!!” She crawls over to us, reaches her arms out and demands, “up”. She also hits me in the morning and tells me “up”- which I think translates, “Get out of bed and make me breakfast. Now.”

She can stand on her own, but refuses to take a step.


She has learned to throw and hates sitting still. Her new favourite thing is books. She loves to look at the pictures. Just don’t try to turn the page for her- this results in screaming and her no longer being interested in the book. She kisses the phone when she hears Daddy’s voice and says, “Huuuuuuu” as she hugs her baby dolls. She has officially moved out of our room, and into a room with Ella. We will see how this goes.

This is how it went after the above photo. (The only photo I got of her even semi-looking.)

Noticing and pointing at the other cookie while yelling “Taaaaa!”


After I said, “No”…




“Is Mom still watching?”


Yep, better get even more dramatic!


This, was the reality of our attempted 11 month shoot… Hopefully her 1yr pictures go better.

Needless to say, she survived without the second cookie!


Our fall decorations are down.


We are celebrating Remembrance Day this weekend, and then the Christmas decorations will go up. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year in this house- we are so blessed.


A year ago- in our old living room.


  1. Jeddy: Praise God!!!

    Girls instrument pics: Funny! Love that light too. So what was your final shot? Or did you find the funny one too hard to beat?

    You play piano? I am taking lessons this year! I thought I might be crazy to take lessons for the first time since I was a little kid, especially with baby in tow. It has been interesting to say the least, especially when I have to take him with me to my lesson. My big boys aren't always good about keeping him quiet and happy. Sometimes they get distracted with other things.. like themselves. Did you know I play the flute too? Since 6th grade. It is my primary instrument. Bob Jones has some excellent hymn arrangements and books.

    Baby tantrum: Hey! That facial expression looks so familiar!

    I'm with you about having so much to say that I don't say anything at all. That is how I have been the past year... okay, 2 years. :)

  2. Didn't even take anymore after that shot of the girls. It cracks me up!

    I do play a bit... I took lessons for a few years as a kid and then picked it up again when I got married. Having to play in church has really forced me to be more diligent with the practicing. I took lessons a few years back and actually played in a recital with 5 of my kids watching. LOL I remember hearing Keona tell Elijah (who was 2 at the time) to "SHHHHHH!" as he undid his velcro shoes over and over again while I played. Haha

    Didn't know you played the flute! Too bad you aren't closer - we're having a hard time finding a teacher nearby.


Who doesn't love a friendly comment!? :)


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