Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i heart faces: Friends

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Friends and siblings


Shoe adores him.

Most of the time…

Photo Challenge Submission

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 months, 4 months, and a grand opening service…


Is that not the most creative title in history?


Lily has passed the 10 month mark.

9 and 10 copy

(Excuse her sloppy clothes in the 10 month pic. I may have been behind by, oh… about 10 baskets in laundry.)

I think she may have gotten chubbier…

The fact that she eats anything and everything may have something to do with it. I am constantly stopping her siblings from sharing whatever it is they have with her. If she sees you eating, she’ll come stand up beside you and say,

“Ta. Ta? Ta. Ta? Ta! Ta!!! TAAAAA!!! Ta?”

On repeat.

Until you give her something.


Tonight, she really wanted my cell phone. I use to let her play with it. That is until she found it more amusing to throw my phone and watch it bounce that it was to listen to Veggie Tales on it… So when I told her no- the little diva yelled and then hit the table and proceeded to lie on the floor face down and cry. We may have another strong-will here…


Hoping those new chompers coming in up top have something to do with the attitude.

She sits in a squatting position all the time now and I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before she realizes that she can balance well enough to stand unassisted. She dances (bounces) to her toy bus music now. She says, “Dada, ta (please), waza? (what’s that?), momma (only when crying) and isses (kisses) along with a whole lot of baby babbling! It’s no surprise that she is a talker. She is a Polhamus girl after all…

We got into another discussion about skin colour with Ella recently.

Scott: That’s cause you’re white, Ella. (seeing what she’d say)

Ella: I am NOT white!

Scott: Ummm… ok. What colour are you then?

Ella: I’m brown. YOU are white. (Very matter-of-factly)

Scott called her over and put their arms beside eachother and said, “Who’s more white?”

Ella: Da-ad…

Hahaha…. she still insists that she wants to be “black.”


Prayer decided to get up early and take Lily for me one morning. She also decided that they were going to be twins for the day.

DSC_0726 copy

Here’s a shot so that you can kinda see the size of Justus now. He just turned 16 weeks old. He’s over 50lbs and he’s grown 8 inches sine we brought him home!

Justus and Lily are getting along a lot better now. He doesn’t run her over any more, or try to lick her face and knock her over in the process. He usually leaves her toys alone too. Unless we leave him in the room when she’s not there. She has learned to swat at him when he gets too close and she’s quick to snatch up her toys when he’s sniffing around.

He has stopped biting us. Which is really nice! We’re still working on getting him to walk on a leash nicely. He dragged Keona back from the mailbox today. Oh, and he still tries to chase and corner the cats every chance he gets.

He has mastered: sit, stay, paw, come, drop it, and jump commands. Teaching him to “jump” may not have been my brightest idea. He jumps up and puts his front paws in my hands. He thought Ella had a treat and jumped up on her… only he punched her in both shoulders and sent her flying backwards. As soon as she fell he started licking her as if he was apologizing. I’m now getting him to sit in a specific place before we do the jump thing.

The kids love to play hide and seek with him! We tell him to “Sit & stay” in the living room and then we run and go hide some where. Then they yell the release command- “Ok!” and he runs around the house looking for them. It’s hilarious to watch!


My older girls have been such a help to me lately. Eve is the back up church pianist right now. The girls have been playing their instruments at church. They’ve been helping with the nursery. With setup. They have helped out with whatever we’ve needed at the time. It’s such a privilege to be able to serve the Lord as a family. Oh, did I mention that we had our Grand Opening service for Hope Baptist Church? Check out the blog post about it here. I will probably end up posting the same thing on our family blog for archival sake.


A huge thank you to all of our family and friends who came to support us. It was such a huge blessing to see so many of you there. It encouraged us more than you know. And a special thanks to Joy for coming all the way out and taking these pictures for us.


There have been so many things on my mind lately that just aren’t “blog material.” Not that we’ve been busy at all! Please keep us in your prayers. We’ve experienced God’s grace so many times this past year- we are truly just depending on Him to work in hearts and lives while we do our best to serve Him.

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